Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships with Dogs (Audio Download): Suzanne Clothier, Pam Ward, Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks kindle –

In Bones Would Rain from the Sky, Suzanne Clothier takes a radical new direction in understanding our life with dogsand our mutual love Drawing on a lifetime of experience with dogs, this nationally renowned dog trainer brings us astonishing new lessons about our animals and ourselves Gently, with intelligence, humor, and unfailing patience, Suzanne Clothier guides us to truly comprehend another creature s mind and heart You will discover how our dogs see the world from their uniquely canine perspective, how we can meet their deep need for leadership without using force or coercion, and how the laws of canine culture often put our dogs at odds with us and our very human world Clothier s unparalleled insights into aggression in dogs can help prevent a tragedy, including the unnecessary destruction of a pet As in no other dog book or training manual, in Bones Would Rain from the Sky an extraordinary woman shows us how to find a deep connection with another being and to receive an incomparable gift a profound, lifelong relationship with the dog you love

5 thoughts on “Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships with Dogs (Audio Download): Suzanne Clothier, Pam Ward, Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. oldman oldman says:

    Anyone wanting a straightforward How to understand you dog instruction book may be disappointed It is a mixture of Autobiography Sermon and Parable There is very little clear instruction See things from your dogs point of view is one main Theme I read it in stages and may have missed something that a second reading would have shown me but I decided to put it in the charity bag hoping it will find a better home I did take something from it but feel there was something else in there but it was a little too deep for me to find

  2. Den Allen Den Allen says:

    Very enjoyable and well written book Its unusual for this kind of genre, because it outlines ways of promoting a close, intimate relationship and understanding with your dog and with other animals rather than simply offering training tips Suzanne Clothier s ethos is to treat all animals with love and respect and she gives many examples of the stupidity and ignorance my words, not hers of some owners and trainers in how they deal with their dogs In particular the damage done by the unwitting brutality of those who maintain dogs are really just wolves in dogs clothing and need to be kept in their place at all costs very sad that anyone out there might still believe that.A deeply spiritual book and a must read for dog owner s, dog owners to be and people who are just interested in the topic of relating to other beings.

  3. Sexyetti Sexyetti says:

    I too feel that dogs over the years have taught me important things about respect, compassion and the way they view the world I didn t buy this book thinking it d be a training manual, I wondered if she had the same feelings as me about dogs I m so pleased to say I wasn t disappointed Some of the mistakes she had made, I too had made and the guilt will always stay with me but to put it down to experience and never make the same mistakes again was always an unspoken promise to the pooches I ve been privileged to know whilst growing up and moving into my own home I ve had times in my life without my faithful friends and life isn t the same From adopting problem pooches to taking on two puppy siblings, they ve always been a joy to watch and learn from I only wish I wrote this book, I m with Suzanne on this totally I too have watched other people s mistakes and seen the fear and disappointment in dogs eyes when they ve been unfairly punished How loyal pooches are to still love their owners and greet them at the door, despite human mistakes What a lesson in forgiveness and accepting imperfections.

  4. Sammy Joe Sammy Joe says:

    There was not anything generally in the book that we did not know or do already having had Akitas and now Shibas they have taught us most lessons and are certainly not normal dogs I bought the book because we had two puppies but I actually found the later part of the book the most helpful and therapeutic with having and old Akita and dealing with the caring and eventual passing away off her.

  5. Jonty Jonty says:

    Started reading this book and stopped I didn t like the religious connotations Just didn t work for me I should have taken notice of the title