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The jacket on this copy shows the two actors from the later full length film based on this novel, but the film in fact is not really all that faithful to the original.The original Logan s Run only a novella by today s bloated standards was written in 1967, a time of considerable social unrest, especially among students, for example This book takes things that much further Somehow globally, the old and middle aged are ousted and euthanasia becomes mandatory in specially designated sleep shops the minute each citizen reaches their sell by date, shown by the crystal embedded in their palm going black, as they reach 21 This is rather different from the 30th birthday threshold depicted in the film, and where these 30 year olds meet public, violent deaths dressed us as renewal Needless to say, this rationale for how such a short life span is accepted worldwide is scarcely credible and the film does far better, by making the tale post acocalyptic and having its citizens live in hermetic domes, where presumably resources are extremely limited.That apart, this original tale does read better than I expected, with a poetic and sparse turn of phrase that can be refreshing the fast paced aventures of Logan and Jessica all take place within the 24 hours it takes for Logan s crystal to start bleeping Last Day to turning totally black.Logan, as a sandman whose job it is to track and kill runners , who naturally don t want to die, is scarcely a sympathatic character to begin with and does not hit it off with the heroine, Jessica, straight away for many good reasons One important theme of the book, as it is in the film, is about recognising the need to question accepted norms of behaviour, as the hunter becomes the hunted.On the face of it, this is just a silly adventure tale with a flimsy plot, but judging from the various sequels and remakes, there is something here that has allowed Logan S Run in its various incarnations to become a cult classic What could this be One possibility is that this story deals with the recognition that for most of us, Last Day could arrive sooner than expected, along with the reckoning that may accompany this and that it is perhaps not a good idea to take any prevailing world view too much on trust.This is an entertaining and enjoyable read, though there are probably novels that can explore the themes discussed here in quie a bit depth. Not the best fiction or fiction writing but interesting to read as the basis of the film. This book is an excellent read I enjoyed it very much Really enjoying the book as I ve read some of Nolan s short stories, though I never knew he d wrote this It s a dystopian novel, though of a lesser rank than writers like Orwell, Wells, Huxley et al, but it s a pacy little read none the less, and very enjoyable Hope you enjoy it too. It s the rd Century and at age your life is over Loganhas been trained to kill, born and bred from conception to be the best of the best But his time is short and before his life ends he s got one final mission Find and destroy Sanctuary, a fabled haven for those who choose to defy the system But when Logan meets and falls in love with Jessica, he begins to question the very system he swore to protect and soon they re both running for their lives When Last Day comes, will you lie down and dieor run Great to read the book and see the differences from the movie loved it brilliant stuff Great book, worth reading if you are a fan of the original film or classic Sci Fi in general Fast paced and action packed. S rieux et rapide, je vous recommande A bient t pour d autres commandes j esp re Et le site me demande de broder alors que l essentiel est dit, mais bon voil , j imagine que a suffira The movie as odd as it is in some respects is far better than the book The movie, despite having Michael York as the main character, is carried on by the concept and storyline For its day it was a great movie that, although has aged in time, is still a good flick The book, on the other hand, is chaotic and not at all as smooth as the movie It was difficult for me to rate this because if you are a Logan s Run fan I think you should still read the book, which brings me to the next point The prices for this book and the sequels are far too expensive The Trilogy is absurdly priced So, for now, this is the only book I will be buying Most books give you a greater one for one understanding of the character in the movie, such as Battlefield Earth You ll need a little bit of an imagination to stretch this character to the movie character and vise a versa Before you buy any, read the criticism on the books that you can find on the internet and here at Specifically, the trilogy.