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Celebrity dog trainer, YouTube sensation, and Animal Planet star Zak George presents a next generation guide that uses his infectiously energetic style to teach dog lovers everything they need to know about raising and training their unique pup Zak George is a new type of dog trainer His fresh approach puts a strong emphasis on the relationship with the individual dog informed by breed specific traits allowing people to treat the root cause of behavior issues rather than the symptoms and teach their dogs faster without the use of punishments or stress For the first time, George has distilled all the information from his hundreds of videos into one master guide that covers everything from play biting and potty training to leash pulling and unwanted barking and jumping As a bonus, listeners will be able to visit his YouTube channel to see real life demonstrations of techniques described in the book, providing a truly modern listening experience

11 thoughts on “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love (Audio Download): Zak George, Zak George, Blackstone Audio, Inc.: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Tomo Tomo says:

    When I first bought my 11 week old puppy home, we looked each other in the eyes and I realised in horror that I didn t have a clue how to communicate with him, and he hadn t a clue what the heck I was trying to say, or get him to do Painfully aware that this very cute tiny bundle of fluff was rapidly going to turn into a large breed adolescent dog, I scanned the internet for a book that would help me get the poor petrified thing under control before I bumbled into making one mistake after the other Thank goodness that in my panic I stumbled across and bought this book It s refreshingly modern, positive approach demystified, in a step by step, easy to understand manner, not only everything you need to know, from what to do before you even get your dog should have bought it sooner right through to easy to follow guidance on how to tackle a thorough range of issues or challenges you might face, or cleverly, how to prevent the problems arising in the first place phew But that s not the best part This book blew my mind away with amazingly clarity how to simply RELATE to your dog I ve honestly been transformed from a novice puppy owner who, lets face it, didn t have a clue, into a confident owner with an amazing understanding of where my dog is coming from, what his limitations are and knowing what s fair or unfair to expect People often notice this understanding I now have with my dog, and subsequent good control he s under, and enquire how, so I find myself recommending this book on a regular basis The look in my dog s eyes that I now get what he s feeling, or needing, or tempted by yes you can predict what he s about to do and have some chance of preventing it is not only a relief to both of us but has resulted in an understanding of each other that outstrips words on a page or in a review If you only buy one book on dog training and want a fantastic relationship and understanding of your dog, this is the one to get.

  2. Graham Smith Graham Smith says:

    This is a great book on sensible and common sense empathetic methods for teaching dogs More importantly, it s a great book for training humans to train dogs Used alongside his you tube videos you ll find yourself in your dog s world learning what makes her tick and using this to to train yourself to control her

  3. Antonia Lidia Simeon Antonia Lidia Simeon says:

    What a fantastic book We have a Jack Russell terrier rescued from a puppy farm and she was scared and nervous off everything, we got this book and followed zak s advice and now she is a lovely, outgoing dog who loves everyone now I highly recommend this book.

  4. Ketchy Ketchy says:

    After watching some of his you tube videos i decided to purchase this book as a reference to training my dog It has so many easy tips and guides to help home train my puppy.Is also shows the links to you tube so you can watch the video about the lesson you are reading.Unlike some other dog training methods Zac George is all about creating a positive relationship with your dogs and not punishing or shouting at your dog when they do something wrong, he explains why the dog may be doing what s he she is doing and how to fix it

  5. Claire G. Claire G. says:

    I bought this book after watching Zaks YouTube videos With his techniques, my puppy was housetrained in 4 weeks I love that this book not only helps me to train my puppy, but I also feel that it promotes a really strong bond between us It is all based on love, respect and positive rewards The training itself is really easy to understand and carry out, and it s broken down into easy steps with corresponding YouTube videos Thanks Xak, I love it

  6. sarah pountney sarah pountney says:

    Amazing book, I have been following Zak George s videos on YouTube for a while but wanted something I could read with a bit explanation and it hasn t failed me the YouTube references are great to watch the techniques and the book compliments them with a great description as to how and why you do something

  7. Customer Customer says:

    I watched most of Zaks videos before I got my puppy but two days in I realised I needed something physical for quick reference Great book and has my puppy and I muddling along well In fact the only thing she has chewed yet that she shouldn t is this book It makes me laugh though so I don t mind

  8. Ken Ken says:

    Loving the book, Zak has so many tips for dog owners it doesn t matter if you re a newbie or, like me, have had dogs for many years, there s always something new to learn from Zak.I really love the links to his Youtube videos and have referred to them many times over the last few weeks.Zak really is the go to guy for dog training.

  9. Manjitrupbikram Manjitrupbikram says:

    Received the book promptly as per stipulated time This is the one book to have if you have a dog or are planning to get one The good thing here is that all that he teaches are also supplemented by uploads on you tube Highly recommend.

  10. Customer Customer says:

    I have never heard of Zac George prior to buying this book But I took a chance and I am very impressed He talks about everything from breeders adopting, what dog is right for you, to training and tricks His instructions are very easy to follow, written well, practical and I can sense his love and passion for animals He doesn t just tell you what to do and how to do it, he explains the reason WHY dogs do certain things and offers the dogs perspective which I enjoy and find helpful.Plus he has a YouTube channel which can help a lot if you want a visual approach.I have no negative comments at all

  11. Leo Pearson Leo Pearson says:

    We recently adopted a 3 year old dog who is a retired showdog so she was never trained actually she was trained NOT to sit and NOT to heel, because of how the previous owners wanted her to act at shows I watched a few of the author s YouTube videos and he is very good The book so far has been immensely helpful, though I have not yet read the whole thing I really like that there are always non violent solutions to every training problem The author really knows what he is talking about and knows dogs very well The only complaint I would say is that a lot of the book content seems to be geared towards training puppies who have not been previously trained in undesireable ways