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Want a million dollar blog Whether you re advanced or new to blogging, this great book by Efron Hirsch will take you there, but it s only available for a limited time So what are you waiting for Get it while you can The author writes well and has a unique writing style I thought the book was pretty funny because it is such an over the top sales pitch I felt I was with a pushy used car salesmen from whom I wanted to run away Funny yes, but it is not a practical book He oversells the idea that anyone can have a million dollar blog He says all you have to do is select a niche, set up Wordpress blog, find affiliate marketing programs and join them, then grow subscriber list on your blog, when you have a huge number of subscribers you will have a million dollar blog Keeping people interested and having something interesting to say is the secret that you will need to figure out on your own This is not a how to book This is not a book you can learn from to learn how to grow your subscriber list and that is the secret sauce to a million dollar blog.Ali Julia review I ve always thought about starting a blog, and I heard you can make money from it, but I was never sure how to go about doing it Efron Hirsch s writing is motivational and fun to read as well as being informative for those starting from scratch.The segment on affiliate marketing was the biggest eye opener for me That alone was worth the price of the book.The only part I didn t like was the whole selling your soul and devil parts I didn t really see why he would spend so much time riffing on this at the beginning and end when a simple be consistent with your blogging would suffice I also think the beginning and ending would arbitrarily limit the audience, especially any religious people who are interested in blogging.Apart from that, anyone who has never had the guidance or know how to write your own blog that makes money, you have no excuse not to begin immediately after reading this book It s a real kick in the pants This was a breath of fresh air in the reading world Silly and laughable I loved it The analogies are so entertaining If you want to blog and know how to do it profitably then this is a great read