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A socially and educationally deprived boy shows a glimmer of hope while he trains a kestrel But disaster looms The characters and the living conditions are accurately drawn There is a wonderful contrast between the beauty of the countryside and the harshness of the school and homelife The picture of Billy Casper is so true to life that he deserves to be one of the unforgotten heroes of literature. Having watched the film Kes, several times over the years, I was interested to read the book that it came from Spoilt the book in one way, as I knew what was coming next, but was good to see that the film was true to the book no major deviations And I could just picture poor, skinny little Billy Casper in the form of David Bradley who played him so well, as I read the book And the unforgettable Brian Glover as the PE teacher as Bobby Charlton, cos Denis Law is in the wash and the brilliant portrayal of the one teacher who understood him, played by Colin Welland, so worth a read to reminisce. One of the most deeply moving and nostalgic books I have read in a very long time Coming from a council estate similar to the one in the story although luckily with a normal family upbringing and subjected to a secondary school education almost iIdentical to Billy s it bought back so many memory s both happy and sad from my long ago childhood The sports lessons chapter had me crying with laughter whilst the end of the book simply left me crying. I have seen the film a few times but have only just read the book I wish that I had found it earlier Having grown up in yorkshire myself and gone to school during the 70s I felt like I had been transported back to thoze times Fantastic read and will definitely read again soon. This was the book that put Barnsley on the map in literary terms in 1968, made famous by Ken Loach s film Kes the following year The author paints a sharp picture of life at the time and there is some evocative description of the countryside where Billy Casper found his kestrel But I m afraid I found the narrative dull and have given up just over a quarter of the way through Unfinished. I remembered this book from my schooldays as it was an examination piece I always thought that I had enjoyed it, but having watched the Greg Davies documentary about the book and the making of the film from the book I thought I would read it again It didn t disappoint and I can confirm that this is just as good a read when an adult as it was when I was a child. I have always thought A Kestrel for a Knave a really wonderful book and re reading it after almost 50 years has reminded me just how brilliant the writing is The characters in the novel are very real, the Northern dialect is beautifully captured, and the story, though sad and poignant, never seems at all far fetched or unconvincing Some parts of the book in Billy Casper s home or in his school or out in the countryside are so haunting and evocative that they have remained fixed in my mind This is great literature. Life is tough and cheerless for Billy Casper, a troubled teenager growing up in the small Yorkshire mining town of Barnsley Treated as a failure at school, and unhappy at home, Billy discovers a new passion in life when he finds Kes, a kestrel hawk Billy identifies with her silent strength, and she inspires in him the trust and love that nothing else can, discovering through her the passion missing from his life Barry Hines acclaimed novel continues to reach new generations of teenagers and adults with its powerful story of survival in a tough, joyless world