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This book serves a great summary of Marie Kondo s book on decluttering your homes by using unique ways to simplify your space The book provides a per chapter summary and commentary and provides additional resources I loved that the chapter summaries that captures the essentail principles of Marie Kondo s book A great read If you wan to follow the plan, you really should buy the book But I found it a bit repetitive and somewhat annoying in spots But the method works if you follow it. It was a little repetitive And even though Marie talks about the things she learned throughout her life, I don t know that all of the stories from her childhood were necessary. This book is really a great partner in purging your things Especially if like me you are quit attached to them I recommend it to everyone I talk to. Disappointed thought I was downloading the book it s only like it says a summary though Didn t help one bit. I have found keeping what I love is very different than getting rid of what I don t use or like Halved my wardrobe immediately I also did not get the folding thing at first but I have done it with my socks and I feel like I am putting them down for a nap by folding her way Fabulous book New way to organize and have twice the space. I really like the concepts but actually getting someone to follow this process is the part that needs explanation While it was my husband that turned me onto this book via an article he saw, he is the one that I can t get to even think about starting this process He wants me to but is unwilling to do so himself I get some of the methods but others I have my doubts about I wish she would have spent some timeon explaining the zen methods. The person who wrote this missed a couple of the major points in this book First, the focus is on JOY, not decluttering, and that is a major difference from other programs The author totally missed the idea that you MUST do categories in order, and that you cannot change the program Ms Kondo is quite adamant about that Komono is never mentioned in this summary, and the Shinto aspects, like greeting your home when you return, caring for objects, proper folding, are all left out of this summary If I were giving it a grade, it would get a C The positives are that it is short and concise. Your Quick and Simple Summary and Analysis of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo In this audiobook, you ll find An introduction to Kondo s main concepts Asecond summary of the entire book Chapter by chapter summaries and commentary A guide to additional resources, including helpful articles, blog posts, podcasts, and quizzes About The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo Kondo s book, a number one New York Times best seller, teaches listeners how to declutter their homes using a unique and remarkable step by step methodology for simplifying and transforming one s space Please note that this summary is NOT the original book and is meant to be listened to as a supplement to the original Thanks so much for your interest in SpeedReader Summaries We strive to save what is your most precious and limited resource time