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Mish Slade Is The Founder Of A Copywriting Agency Called Mortified Cow, Which Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Her Tolerance For Stuffy, Buttoned Up Business Writing Shes Likely To Throw Her Laptop Through A Window If She Reads One Mention Of Delivering Measurable Results, And Figured Writing This Book Would Be Cheaper Than Buying A Replacement Find Out About Mortified Cow By Visiting The Website Mortifiedcow

8 thoughts on “May I Have Your Attention, Please? Your Guide to Business Writing That Charms, Captivates and Converts

  1. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I read around 2 books per week but this is the my most underlined book I have I would have never thought that I could receive so much value from this low priced book.It has pointed out something to me that I already knew intuitively but could never quite put into words To be a great copy writer you need to be human Meaning you need to write with personality in order to not sound like a robot Mish herself is the best example for that Her down to earth, fun, practical way of writing is a breath of fresh air The examples she gives in this book leave me in awe I feel totally inspired now to write my own copy Thank you Mish Slade You rock

  2. Omar Kadhim Omar Kadhim says:

    Mish quickly states, like universal fact We like to buy and use products and services that extend our self identity In choosing one company over another, we re choosing to say something about ourselves and what we stand for and that s because we re buying into what the company says about itself and what it stands for this may be true of a small number of latte sipping hipsters in San Francisco buying leather backpacks, but reveals some naivety about an enormous, perhaps less precious, swathe of humanity who buy what little they need to simply get by.Unfortunately, and perhaps unfairly, this is where I put the book down I was irked that the book quickly oversteps being a writing guide and starts casually claiming sales genius.Reason I still give 3 stars is that it s apparent from Mish s writing that she has clear advice and expertise in engaging writing I wish the book stayed in scope.

  3. Christopher Sutton Christopher Sutton says:

    This book hits an important subject companies these days need to be interesting and let their true colours shine through, instead of the safe dull corporate speak we re all trained to tune out and just straight out delivers.As a small business owner I couldn t be happier with the contents of May I have your attention, please Like many, I felt a bit guilty that my business copy didn t always reflect what I knew our true brand was all about, and reading through this book made it crystal clear where I d gone off course and what I could do about it.The only criticism I have about this book is that it s so densely packed with inspiring examples and practical advice you really come away with your homework to do I must admit I felt a bit overwhelmed as well as excited when I got to the end and realised the task ahead of me The good news is that every small improvement now is a step in the right direction and I know I ll be returning to the book for fresh guidance and inspiration as I improve all my company s written material.

  4. P. Domican P. Domican says:

    I read an early proof version of this book and then bought a copy on release.I do a lot of business writing and presentations to clients but it s incredibly easy to lapse into boring corporate speak, sounding impressive but remaining memorable for all of about 30 secs This book is aimed squarely at teasing out your real personality and telling your business story so that people get what you do quickly and want to take the next step towards doing business with you.If you re going to write a book like this, you have to walk the talk and the book certainly does that Highly recommended.

  5. JJ JJ says:

    The author asks for our attention She has my admiration too Her writing style is engaging and she undoubtedly has a talent for the written word The examples of text she s taken from websites and then re crafted in her own way clearly demonstrate her skill.Having recognised several of my own faults as I read this book, I ve already put some of the suggestions into practice and feel my own writing has improved as a result I ll definitely be returning to this resource for further inspiration and to pick up of the tips.I felt I d found a kindred spirit when it came to the section on bad grammar especially mixing up words Most of the examples Mish cites drive me crazy too I highly recommend this informative and enjoyable book.

  6. Clarkie Clarkie says:

    Excellent, straight to the point book, read it in a couple of days and was able to implement the suggestions straight away All of what the author said made perfect sense and it s so important to be authentic when selling online and this book shows you how.

  7. R.A.F. R.A.F. says:

    I m only just starting the book and the content is ok but the quality of the book itself and the publishing is bad There are quite a lot of errors and it just feels badly produced Running heads on blank pages, dodgy typesetting etc Personally, I find it difficult to take the author seriously and engage with the arguments when the book feels very self published and unprofessional.

  8. peter w. peter w. says:

    I suppose you would expect a book on writing attention grabbing copy to grab your attention and be easy to read and this succeeds in both points.My reasons for reading it are probably different from many others I am not in business but lead a church The church offers services to the community and has a message but the things we write are dated and carry jargon than any business This is a useful book and I love it and highly recommend On to bootcamp.