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Yes it s a novel but it s also a treatise on race relations as well as other social issues as perceived by Banks and it s not too difficult to buy into the results of this exploration of grooming, sexual and drug abuse with the problems ensuing from Political Correctness and a timidity in confronting these issues It is a thinly disguised evaluation of the Saville case as a basis with an extension into human suffering and the impact of these issues on families which becomes a vicious circle with sins of the fathers mothers having a role in this perpetuating culture Sinead Moffatt, Mother of Mimosa is unable to be anything approaching Earth Mother, so the whole scenario of neglect and negligence continues I ve read all this series so Banks has his own very clear persona in my head A little long winded in parts but so much food for the brain here is plurality and the celebration of diversity a myth Is there co existence or just a pretence Peter Robinson Has For Too Long, And Unfairly, Been In The Shadow Of Ian Rankin Perhaps PIECE OF MY HEART, The Latest In The Chief Inspector Banks Series, Will Give Him The Status He Deserves, Near, Perhaps Even At The Top Of, The British Crime Writers League The Times Robinson Also Has A Way Of Undercutting The Genre S Familiarity With A Deceptively Unspectacular Language, He Sets About The Process Of Unsettling The Reader Independent The Alan Banks Mystery Suspense Novels Are The Best Series On The Market Try One And Tell Me I M Wrong Stephen KingTHE SUNDAY TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLERThis Sunday Times Number One Bestselling DCI Banks Book By Peter Robinson Has The Team Investigating Two Highly Contemporary Crimes Each Echoing And Illuminating The Other There were two topical stories running through this book which I found difficult to read but at the same time I couldn t put the book down Banks has been promoted but was put in charge of an investigation into historical sex abuse against children back in the 60s with the help of DS Winsome Jackman He also had to oversee another case of child grooming and under aged sex between young girls and some members of the Pakistani community DI Annie Cabbot had the day to day running of the grooming case with DC Geraldine Masterton When the body of a young girl is found naked on a lonely country road Annie and Geraldine pull out all the stops to find out what happened to her I found the book thought provoking and touching at the same time. I always enjoy Robinson and this was no exception I have one caveat with this book because while Robinson always gives you the feel of the Dales and could be read for many years afterwards, I felt that this book demands much current knowledge of events, which may spoili for those without UK knowledge, especially in years to come. Have loved all the other Banks books but when I started this one and found the subject matter I was disappointed The investigations in the book are so familiar to us as it is current news I was in two minds as to whether or not to bother reading it I like the way Peter Robinson writes and have always been interested in the area that he writes about, living in Whitby, but I don t think that he has been to the area recently from what he has written in this book as there is a lot of regeneration happening in areas like Middlesborough and Stockton that his book does not reflect, in fact he could be talking about a place 10 years ago Please Mr Robinson, lose the Americanisms, the word is disorientated not disoriented Perhaps I have become, or he has become, a little bored with Inspector Banks. I enjoyed it but I thought that the resolution happened all of a sudden It was as if the author realised he had hit the page limit and had to wrap things up quickly Otherwise a good story and nice to see Banks in a new role It gives the series a new twist and I am looking forward to the next one.I would have given it 4 stars for the first 80% of the book but the rushed resolution at the end was a bit disappointing. I ve read all of the Peter Robinson Inspector Banks novels Really enjoyed them over the year but I m now finding them less enjoyable Far too much focus on the music that Bank s enjoys I know the writer is indulging his own love of music but for me it is becoming too much of an indulgence and distracting from the story I end up flicking over these paragraphs and getting annoyed at it all The plot of this book is very current considering what s been happening over the last few years In reality it could come across as rather disturbing to some.I notice that all the main characters have been promoted Banks is now a Detective Superintendent although I notice the book title still refers to him as DCI Ken Blackstone s a DCI and is now in Leeds, and Annie Cabbot a DI A new DC has joined them, but she comes across possibly unintentionally, as being a bit of a snob She s also a touch naive and gets herself into an awkward and a possibly dangerous situation I don t warm to her at present Maybe I will in future books.The plot focuses on two separate investigations, but both in the same vein One starts right back to the 60 s which brought back memories of Lett s schoolgirl diaries, Emergency Ward 10, Sergeant Pepper, and hippies from 1967 s summer of love The second much current And although the subject matter was pretty grim, it did ring true.I wish the chapters were a bit shorter though, as I found having to break off midway through one made me have to re read the previous few pages The parts about Banks taste in music and reading etc I did skip, as I felt is was just padding How old must Banks be now I wonder On the whole a pretty interesting book, but it ll be a while I think before starting number 24.