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The Sunday Times top ten best seller Thousands of lives have been saved by this spaniel He is a best friend in dog s clothing An RAF dog with his mossy feet firmly on the ground A brave dog who has served his colleagues and his country with unstinting devotion A dog in a million This is the story of the partnership of Buster and Will, told by Will himself, describing how each came to save the other s life This is a relationship that produced some heroic feats in the dust and desert heat of Afghanistan and beyond Buster, uniquely, has served five tours of duty than any other military dog With some dogs you share a boil in the bag breakfast and maybe a blanket on a cold desert floor Some you wouldn t leave in charge of your Grandma unless you wanted to find out just how fast the old girl could run But if you re very, very lucky, there will be the one dog you would lay down your life for and for me that dog is Buster As told to Isabel George While I admire the work of the armed forces and recognise the importance these special dogs have to play I found this book repetitive.Went to base, walked Buster, Buster made friends, stopped people giving him food, talked to Buster about feelings, sleep, repeat.While it cannot be overstated the importance of the dog on moral of the troops, many who had seen horrific sights and the author obviously loves Buster, the narration didn t have me gripped or caring what happened, I knew Buster would be ok in the end and all would be good. Seen buster on tv had to read this book what a great read all DOG lovers should read this I had tears in my eyes reading this story a hero a great handler a must to me I am glad I have read a great story buster u r a great hero to r forces r country r queen but to it handler enjoy u retirement Billy shanks belfast Being an ex army dog handler from N.I brought all the memories back, I know different conflicted, same roll just different place, if you want to understand working dog people and what makes them tick read the book I ve bought a second copy for my ex who doesn t understand how working animal people tick. Read this book in one day we have had springers in our lives for many years so can totally relate to Will Barrow s description of Buster I don t think that we always appreciate the sacrifice that our troops and the serving dogs make and this book really makes you think and for that alone I am glad that I read it.I managed to get through to nearly the end, and then the last couple of chapters I found the tears starting to form especially as Buster has now gone to The Bridge. as i have just started to read this book this is a book that you can not but down as it is a very interesting and it makes you think how the guys out in Afghanistan have to cope with day to day tasks and how important Buster is to them and how well respected Buster is to all the troops and how dangerous the job is out there i have a lot of respect for all the military Soldiers out there i Salute and i am looking forward to getting into this book and i would recommend this book to anybody. A really good read So focused on Buster and the good work he done The book is well written and with emotion that makes you laugh out loud or brings a tear to your eye Buster was a real hero as was Sergeant Barrow. El valor de los perros en combate es inconmensurable Hermosa historia. I found this book telling of the close relationship between an exceptional dog and his owner during a very hostile and grim war situation, to be both extremely moving and yet so heart warming It is simply written in a very honest way and had me reaching for my handkerchief on numerous occasions The bond between man and dog was never better expressed. If you love dogs, don t miss this