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Both Book 1 and Book 2 give the reader a dispassionate, and yet impassioned, view of the impact that D Day 6th June 1944 had on the defenders of Hitler s Third Reich, as seen through their eyes, their experiences and their recollections ten years on, in 1954 These books are essential for the serious student of World War 2 The eye witness accounts are direct and help in obtaining a wider perspective of that first day the Allies saw it as the liberation of Europe, the German soldiers facing them saw it as defending Europe against occupation There is a strange dichotomy which Holger Eckhertz captures perfectly in these accounts The Books give the reader a much wider overview when read alongside other works on the same subject This enables us, the reader, the serious enquirer, to see both sides of the situation, and most importantly, through the eye witness accounts of combatants on the ground, rather than through the biographies of those who directed the war on both sides. The First Book Of D DAY Through German Eyes Fascinated Readers Around The World With Its Insight Into The German Experience Of June Th Now, Book Two Contains A Completely Different Set Of Astonishing German Testimonies From The Same ArchiveThese Newly Translated Eyewitness Statements By German Veterans Show The Defenders To Be Determined But Psychologically Insecure, Often Deluded In Their Thinking And All Too Human In Their Shock At The Onslaught Which They FacedThese Unique Interviews With German Soldiers Are A Historical Treasure Trove Of New Insights, Heart Stopping Combat Stories And Glimpses Of Wartime Psychology Which Will Absorb Anyone With An Interest In WWI Am Astonished By The Immediacy Of These New Translations From The Archive, And I Believe That Readers Will Find These Accounts, If Anything, Even Compelling Than The First Book These Statements Reveal The Ambiguous Relationships Which The German Soldiers Had With French Civilians, Especially Women, And The Way These Relationships Were Destroyed On D Day Itself There Are Accounts From A Luftwaffe Pilot Who Was One Of The First To Witness The Allied Armada From The Air, And Stories From Foot Soldiers, Military Police And Panzer Crews Who Fought Desperately To Hold Back The Beach Landings And Airborne Assaults The Disturbing Motivations Of The German Troops Political, Personal And Even Religious Are Presented With An Honesty Which Sheds A Radical New Light On Why The Germans Fought So Bitterly, So Viciously, To Keep Control Of What They Perceived To Be Their Precious France Holger Eckhertz, Archive Holder Having read the first book I wanted to read this The stories are quite an eye opener and it is clear that some of the tellers never took on board what the Germans did to people, even when after the war ended they must have found out Especially the man who complained about the treatment as a POW at the hands of the Americans.A friend of mine had been a POW at the time of the Battle of the Bulge, winter 1944 45 One day a barbed wire compound was built next to their camp, during the next few days lorry loads of American soldiers were brought in and placed in the compound My friend said they were most of them very young The weather was bitterly cold and the Germans left them to die The POW camp was Army and Air Force and they started to cause disruption at what they saw happening but the Germans fired shots above their heads and they were confined to barracks and work duties were stopped.Chances are the Americans holding this man captive knew about this as well as the camps that had been liberated as they had passed through to Germany He was fortunate to end the war alive. I read book one which was fascination for its insight into the defending troops experience on the beaches The true horror of the conflict in graphic detail The mind set of the groups as being protectors of France was intriguing.This book repeats that and then adds a new dimension We get the story of a Luftwaffe pilot and his explanation of the use of heroin by some of his colleagues, it had me googling Bayer and Heroin as I couldn t believe it has been produced by them as a medication true enough Also the difficulty of achieving a reasonable serviceability of the many aircraft they had for the want of glycol or simple spare parts.Then we have an engineer explaining the unsuccessful attempted deployment of robot bomb caterpillar tracked weapons on the beech.The most chilling was the attempted use of Typhoon an aerosol fuel, aluminium powder oxygen mixture bomb similar to used by the Russians in Afghanistan to decimate a the allied amour concentrations I never heard of this weapon and it is indeed fortunate it was thwarted at the moment of deployment by a creeping barrage which hit the launch vehicles and destroyed them in fireball chilling.The Germans seemed shocked at how ferocious the allied troops were although some did say that perhaps in light of what discover after the war perhaps it was understandable.Both books I think are important documents of record and social history and are highly recommended The criticism of this elsewhere may be richly deserved but for the less pedantic among you, it makes good reading The tale of the level of collaboration in France is often neglected outside the participation in handing Jews over to Germany without much of a qualm The German interest in creating a wonder weapon to bring victory probably cost them than it gained Whilst much is documented, how much was kept quiet by the Allies whilst they set about seizing the top researchers and scientists for their own national programmes we may not discover in our lifetimes Criticism may abound but the accounts of the impact of the D Day forces is brought home graphically, even if fictional Actually I have said elsewhere, I do not see this as an Apologia for German occupation, a graphic portrayal of the arrogant mind set of the committed Nazis and how effectively their propaganda controlled their outlook And at the price, worth every penny