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D Day Through German Eyes Presents The Transcripts Of Interviews Which My Grandfather Carried Out With German Veterans In , On The Tenth Anniversary Of D Day These Were German Soldiers, Engineers And Luftwaffe Men Who Had Experienced The Opening Hours Of The Normandy Beach Landings, And Were Able To Recall Those Cataclysmic Events In Detail My Grandfather Had Been A German Propaganda Journalistin , And Had Visited The Atlantic Wall Under Construction He Was Also A Veteran Of The German Army In World War One, And So His Background Enabled Him To Build A Strong Rapport With The Interviewees, Many Of Whom Had Not Spoken Of Their Experiences Even With Their Own Families The Result Is A Series Of Interviews Which Reveal Not Only The Desperate Reactions Of German Soldiers To The Allied Onslaught, But Also The Surprising Mix Of Motivations Which Drove Them