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November Sergei Magnitsky Is Led To An Isolation Cell In A Moscow Prison And Beaten To Death By Eight Police Officers His Crime To Testify Against The Russian Interior Ministry Officials Involved In A Conspiracy To Steal Million In Taxes Magnitsky S Brutal Killing Has Remained Uninvestigated To This Day Red Notice Is A Searing Expos Of The Russian Authorities Responsible For The Murder, Slicing Deep Into The Heart Of The Kremlin To Uncover Its Sordid Truths

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  1. PhotangoIreland PhotangoIreland says:

    A Red Notice is an Interpol International Arrest Warrant.If you are interested in Putin, Oligarchs, Artem Kuznetsov, Olga Stepanova, the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky and the subsequent Magnitsky Act I suggest you read this.If you are interested in Corruption, Intrique, Organised Crime and a real life thriller I suggest you read this.Some of the language by Browder in his story is self agrandising and skewed but overall this is an eyeopener and makes Putin s behaviour over the last 15 years understandable, if Browder s claims are to be believed.Even this week, Browder was temporarily arrested in Spain on another Red Noticed issued by Moscow The 6th now Magnitsky Browder Putin Oligarch Russia InterpolLook up Browder on YouTube for lots background.

  2. checkers340 checkers340 says:

    A great insight into just how corrupt and murderous the Putin regime is Like we didn t already know

  3. MIT Orrabana MIT Orrabana says:

    As good as I ve read on every level.

  4. Russell Mumford Russell Mumford says:

    Really interesting to hear about whats goes on in the financial world and in particular Russia.

  5. Marjorie Hurst Marjorie Hurst says:

    The second half was considerably interesting than the first, which introduced Bill Browders family background Not myself interested in money making money but the historical facts of Putins Russia was fascinating

  6. DollyBJ DollyBJ says:

    Really fascinating insight easy to read and absorb a chilling story well written.

  7. oz oz says:

    Great read

  8. Chris Chris says:

    A genuinely gripping and important true story, told by a credible and informed author I rarely leave reviews, but this was brilliant.