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In November 1959, two men drove into the small Kansas farming community of Holcomb, broke into the Clutter family s home and brutally murdered the four occupants, Herb and Bonnie Clutter and their two teenage children, Nancy and Kenyon Before the murderers were caught, Truman Capote decided to write about the crime, so went to Holcomb to interview friends and neighbours of the victims, residents of the town, and the men investigating the case It wasn t long before the perpetrators were identified and captured, so Capote continued his project by writing about the trial and its aftermath the imprisonment and execution of the murderers, Perry Smith and Richard Dick Hickock This book, first published in 1966, is the result.Capote approaches the subject from three angles, the victims, the townspeople and the murderers, with the narrative rotating among them The Clutters, as portrayed here, were fine people, upstanding members of their community and their church, good neighbours and well respected The children, especially Nancy, seem almost too good to be true, and I couldn t help but wonder how much the old adage of never speaking ill of the dead had influenced the picture Capote paints So even at this early stage of the book, I had begun to wonder how much reliance could be placed on Capote s account of the people involved.This feeling grew as the book progressed and Capote recounted as if they were facts things that he could only have learned from his interviews While this may be fair enough with regards to the innocent people involved though even then, oral testimony, especially when given not under oath, is notoriously unreliable , taking the words of Hickock and Smith at their own evaluation and drawing inferences as to their characters from this shaky evidence left me in a kind of limbo as to whether the book should be considered true crime or a fictionalised novel I believe it gets categorised as a non fiction novel a description that seems deeply contradictory and problematic to me, designed to allow inaccuracies to pass unchallenged.To be clear, I found it extremely readable and, viewing it as fiction, the characterisation of the murderers is wholly credible Capote seeks to understand them by going back through their early experiences for clues as to why they turned out as they did Smith in particular had a terrible childhood, with an alcoholic mother who pretty much abandoned him and a father who was at best an intermittent presence and a disruptive one at that Hickock is difficult to pigeon hole his family seemed both respectable and caring Capote ventures into psychiatry for answers, using the reports that were drawn up for the men by their defence team He gives a relatively nuanced picture, neither seeking to whitewash them nor to wholly condemn.His portrayal of the impact of this horrific crime on the small community is equally convincing In a place where people didn t feel the need to lock their doors at night, the intrusion of this horror seemed incredible, and Capote shows how for the first time neighbour began to suspect and fear neighbour The arrest and conviction of the murderers couldn t wholly put the genie back in the bottle, as Capote describes it the townspeople s feelings of security would never be the same.An interesting omission is the perspective of the Clutters two older daughters, neither of whom lived at home While Capote gives us some facts about them, we don t get to know them at all nor to learn how they fared in the future I could only assume that they refused to be interviewed for the book.Some of the later scenes felt too contrived to be true, and I later learned on looking at wikipedia that some of the people involved had indeed denied their truth For example, the scene where the wife of Perry s jailer holds his hand while he sobs after being sentenced to death felt like something written for a Cagney film or perhaps copied from one And the super convenient final scene, played out between the chief investigator and one of the friends of young Nancy, now all grown up, provides a heartwarming conclusion of the restoration of order and the rebirth of all that is good and hopeful in life, and I didn t believe a single word of it According to wikipedia, the investigator later denied that it ever happened.So I have very mixed feelings about the book overall It s not got the essential truth to be true crime, and yet it s presented too factually to really be considered a novel And yet, it is beautifully written and intensely readable, and while it may not have factual truth, it feels as if, with regards to the personalities of the murderers, it may have achieved some kind of emotional truth certainly emotional credibility, at any rate I quite understand why it has a reputation as a classic of the genre I m just not sure what genre it s a classic of Perhaps it should be viewed as a one off, uncategorisable And as such, I m happy to recommend it. On November In The Small Town Of Holcomb, Kansas, Four Members Of The Clutter Family Were Savagely Murdered By Blasts From A Shotgun Held A Few Inches From Their Faces There Was No Apparent Motive For The Crime, And There Were Almost No Clues As Truman Capote Reconstructs The Murder And The Investigation That Led To The Capture, Trial, And Execution Of The Killers, He Generates Both Mesmerizing Suspense And Astonishing Empathy In Cold Blood Is A Work That Transcends Its Moment, Yielding Poignant Insights Into The Nature Of American Violence