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This 8 years reading age novel has been recently read in instalments to my 6 year old daughter at bedtime First published in 1964, it describes an Austerity Britain not too dissimilar to today s, as young Charlie Bucket s impoverished family struggle to make ends meet When the family begin to starve, my daughter indignantly wanted to know why he wasn t getting food at school, and I could only speculate that free school dinners and food banks hadn t come in yet.Charlie lives down the street from a chocolate factory Willy Wonka s chocolate factory, the most amazing and most secretive in the world The smell of melting chocolate in the air drives him wild with both hunger and curiosity Living downwind of a biscuit factory, I know what he means Mr Wonka announces a competition where the winners of five golden tickets get a free trip to the factory and a lifetime supply of sweets, and the excesses of modern childhood appear in the winners as comedic representatives of greed, materialism, bad manners, and self absorption win the tickets and the final one is found by Charlie, for the most amazing adventure possible.Roald Dahl spins a modern fairy tale as the scenes depicted within the magical factory are each colourful and zany than the last, with many jokes and puns and acidic comments, and several Revolting Rhymes style poems, as sung by the Oompa Loompas It is a bit dark, but not excessively so for junior school aged children My daughter was barracking for Charlie every step of the way, and was so happy when good things happened to him, that she was turning somersaults around the room. I purchased this item for my 16 year old son who is studying German believing that the text would be in German, but it s NOT.The book has arrived and its a very small book appoximately 150mm h x 100mm w with very tiny text and its printed in English.Not what I was expecting at all. Fantastic book Loved reading it with my seven year old daughter I bought it because she wanted to do a book box on this book for world book day I was not sur she will enjoy it But I am happy to say I was absolutely wrong She loved every page of it We have been reading about three chapters a day She now knows exactly what she wants in her book box love how Roald Dahl has taken her and me on a journey We got the couloured version I was wondering why the couloirs version was 160 pages and the normal one was 200 Wondered if it was a truncated version The truth is, it is a bigger book and can take words than the normal book hence the lesser number of pages Wanted to mention in case some else also wondered I would recommend the coloured edition It is expensive than the normal one but totally worth it as the children can see the couloirs in the picture when Mr Wonka takes them through the journey Happy reading everyone. Great book I really enjoyed reading this to my 6 year old girls Lots of fun.I also really like the larger colour illustrated edition of the Roald Dahl books The look great and the pictures add to the storytelling.I would certainly recomend. As a child I had mixed feelings about Dahl s books, but loved the films, especially the classic Gene Wilder version Now that I have a little boy of my own I m working on instilling the magic of books, and decided to try him on a paperback of the Fantastic Mr Fox he loved it, and so did I Next up some substantial fare enter Charlie I have to say the book is great I m enjoying reading it and my son very nearly 4 is fascinated by all the details cabbage soup for dinner and mattresses on the floor etc.I was particularly interested to see how he d take to being read to from my tablet he loves it and likes watching me flick the pages I was a little worried the medium would be intrusive, but actually I think it works really well.I haven t yet picked up any of the page setting errors other reviewers have noted,so these may well have been remedied now, and the illustrations are luminous and lovely on my Blackberry Playbook with side loaded android kindle I am particularly pleased to see that the kindle version is appropriately priced at 1.99 compared to the full price for the paperback. Ahh memories I remember one particularly wet summer holiday in my youth, snuggling up with my Mum, and listening to this book, whilst the rain hammered on the windows and thunder rattled the rooftops So I borrowed this book from our library yes, we actually found one and read it three times to my 4 year old son, over the space of about 7 weeks Feeling a little guilty, we returned the book, begrudgingly in my son s case I look forward to seeing his face when he opens this on his birthday next month My 5 year old is thoroughly enjoying us reading this at bed time It s such a marvellous story and a way for us to have one on one time I am hoping to encourage him to love books the way I do This story is about a boy named Charlie Bucket who lived with his family His family barely managed to survive with very little money There would be some days when Charlie would survive on cabbage soup or just starve His life was totally miserable.But there was on thing that made Charlie happy and that was the smell of the chocolate factory, he used to pass by, twice a day while going and coming back from school He always used to look at the giant chocolate factory and was eager to know that how would it look from insideThe chocolate factory, belonged to Willy Wonka who manufactured the most magical, mouth watering, beautiful and scrumptious chocolates in the whole world One day, he held a contest for children where he announced that a Golden Ticket would be hidden underneath the ordinary wrapping paper of 5 ordinary bars of chocolate The 5 lucky finders of these 5 Golden tickets would earn a free day tour in his giant chocolate factory and would also be allowed to see the secrets and magic of his factoryA visit to Willy Wonka s chocolate factory is nothing less than a dream come true for any child in the world His chocolate factory is every chocolate lover s paradiseWho would be the 5 luckiest kids who would get a chance to win a free day tour to the chocolate factory Would Charlie be one those 5 kids who would win a day tour to the chocolate factory..This book is soo good that after reading it you are surely going to crave for chocolates..I give 5 5. Brought to you by Penguin Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, read by Douglas Hodge Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this Gold Ticket from Mr Willy Wonka I shake you warmly by the hand Tremendous things are in store for you One miraculous moment changes Charlie Bucket s life forever A boy who only gets to eat cabbage soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner finds a Golden Ticket that will take him into Willy Wonka s magical chocolate factory Joining him on the tour are four horrible blighters Augustus Gloop a great big greedy nincompoop, Veruca Salt a spoiled brat, Violet Beauregarde a repulsive little gum chewer and Mike Teavee a TV addict With a chocolate river, crafty squirrels and mysterious Oompa Loompas, Mr Wonka s chocolate factory is the strangest, most magnificent place Charlie has ever seen What other surprises are in store for the lucky ticket winners What is the story about It is a story of Charlie Bucket good natured and well behaved boy living a life of poverty with his poor, loving parents and their aged parents all of who are suffering cold and have of hunger how Charlie chances upon a golden ticket placed in a candy bar out of five tickets that allows him and his Grandfather Joe, and four other spoilt children and they rich selfish parents, into Mr Willy Wonka s world, famous chocolate factory that is never open to the public the wildly amazing chocolates and candies Being produced in the factory by some strange, laughing and singing Oompa Loompa tiny workers brought in by Mr Wonka from Loompaland and how fortune smiles on Charlie in the end Songs sung by Oompa Loompas are also full of fun and humor and delightful to read HOW WAS THE STORY This story is incredibly cool , brilliant and enchanting and it is also the best story i have read and if anyone starts reading it he can t put it down back, it also has the power to make us change our minds and it is full of charm , Songs sung by Oompa Loompas are also full of fun and humor and delightful to read.WHICH IS THE FAVOURITE PART OF THE STORY The favorite part of mine in this book was when the girl who was champion in taekwondo became into a big fat purple plum by a chu gum and her name was Violet and her was very selfish about her The second favorite part of mine in this story was when Charlie was scared by getting a chocolate from, inside the glass where there were small or tiny chimpanzeesBye Have a nice time reading it