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Brought to you by Penguin Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Roald Dahl s classic The Witches, read by Miranda Richardson One child a week isa year Squish them and squiggle them and make them disappear BEWARE There are witches everywhere Witches could be a cashier in a supermarket, a woman driving a fancy car, or even your own teacher The only thing a witch cares about is squelching children She hunts and squelches as many children as she possibly can At least one a week The Grand High Witch hates children most of all and plans to make every single one of you disappear Only one boy and his grandmother can stop her But if their plan fails, the Grand High Witch will frizzle them like fritters and then what will happen Soon to be a major motion picture starring Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci and Chris Rock

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  1. J. Ang J. Ang says:

    What a delightful and wickedly funny book Ostensibly about scary witches that kill children, Roald Dahl has written a classic heartwarming story of the bond between a newly orphaned boy, who is strangely never given a name I didn t even realise that until I pored through the book again to find his name and his Grandmama, from Norway The fact that neither the boy nor Grandmama is named makes the story even magical on hindsight, because this could be a story about just any boy and his grandmother, giving it an Everyman feel to this tale.Grandmama s country of origin is important because Grandmama has stories to tell about her girlhood experiences of witches growing up there, Norway being some sort of high witch grand central The premise behind her stories is to distract him from his sadness of losing his parents This is marvellously dealt with because Grandmama s stories sound almost too fantastical to be true until they return to Bournemouth, England, to honour the boy s father s will There, the boy finds out first hand that witches are real, and that they are just as Grandmama has described them, innocuously like any other woman on the street except for their gloves that hide their claws, bald heads under wigs, strange eyes, and toeless square feet hidden in pointy shoes And they are all out to rid the world of pesky children, who smell like dog poo to them.I can see where David Walliams got his inspiration from in his equally engaging and endearing Gangsta Granny , but Dahl still wins hands down for integrating all the elements of horror, the macabre and magical, together with the bravery of the boy and the love between him and Grandmama, the latter who never ever flinches or talks down to the boy the way you expect an adult to when speaking to her grandson, even when he is literally turned into a mouse by the wicked Grand High Witch.An altogether lovely story to savour, and I m glad I found the time to read it for the first time in my mellow adulthood, and still be able to appreciate the magic of it.

  2. Tim Roast Tim Roast says:

    My wife remembers this book from her childhood as being her favourite book so she bought it for our 7 year old daughter and we read it over several nights My daughter also liked it and said it was really fun.The story starts with the unnamed boy narrator at the beginning where the main characters are introduced he is simply called boy being told about witches by his grandmama But this is not a fairy tale she is telling This is about REAL WITCHES and real witches hate children They disguise themselves as women and make children disappear.The grandmother is funny because she is so un grandma like as she puffs away on her black cigar.After that bout of story telling the book sees the boy come into contact with real witches Not just one witch though as he gets stuck in a room with about 200 of them He has to hide but witches can smell children out, and do just that This is where the real witching begins and the dastardly things they do comes to the fore.All in all a classic Roald Dahl tale with the scary enemy potentially being anywhere, hence a child s imagination running wild.

  3. marketing-sales.co Customer marketing-sales.co Customer says:

    This book has been read and reviews thousands of times but how can you not love Roald Dahls book This is fantastic and I won t go into it because there are very few people who don t know the story already but if you don t get too it The Paperback It has seen many different covers and this one is just a good as any of the others, Quentin Blake still attracts children who seem to be able to reckoning his work anywhere The print is of good side and well looks good on the shelf The Audio Book Have listened to many different versions over the years the most recent being Miranda Richardson but no one did this as well as Simon Callow With his you just loose yourself in the story and his take on the Witches song Oh where have all the children gone is hilarious The only downside it s abridged where the newer Miranda Richardson version is unabridged but I would still pick Callow s version ever time.Kindle The same as the paperback just quicker to download it if you children are demanding to read it as mine were illustrations are just as great, a couple of typos but nothing the drastic Maybe being an older book now it could be a little cheaper for the ebook but worth every penny none the less.

  4. The Honest Mum Reviews The Honest Mum Reviews says:

    My 6 year old daughter loves roald Dahl and so far together we have read Charlie and the chocolate factory, James and the giant peach and The twits We have also started reading Matilda as well as this book A firm bedtime favourite in our house.

  5. Poppet15 Poppet15 says:

    My daughter loves Roald Dahl and this book was no exception She s now 9 and has read this in a couple of weeks, just by taking it to school and reading first thing in the morning before lessons.Easy to read and the usual unusual style animations makes this a great book for the junior school age group.

  6. shelley Elliss shelley Elliss says:

    I read this years ago when I was a child and it really captured my imagination Even now it is a favourite book of mine Every child should read this book Roald Dahl was a master story teller I would give this book stars if I could.

  7. Monkeyrepublic Monkeyrepublic says:

    Took this on holiday just in case bad weather kept us cooped up in a caravan for a fortnight Weather was good to us, as it happened, but we still read the book through My 5 year old did like it, but 7 year old couldn t get enough I d sit reading it to her for an hour and she would demand this from a girls who has difficulty sitting through a quick meal Not too scary Engaging characters Brilliant, original concepts Dahl totally rules Still.Since re read it with both of them And Dahl still totally rules Still.

  8. epic games epic games says:

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  9. Priyanka Mahanta Priyanka Mahanta says:

    Instead of this book which I ordered for my 10year old nephew they received an English Olympiad for standard 1 It was a surprise gift so he started with the exercises thinking why he received an under age category Olympiad book So,could not return it either It s highly disappointing.

  10. Paulami Dey Paulami Dey says:

    It is very rare that a book itself forces me to give a rating of 5 out of five and that to be a book written for children The Witches had the same spell on me, a thirty year young child The book is segmented into couple of relating chapters and the narration is superb The story is narrated by a boy and about his interaction with The Witches This is a adventure story of the boy and his grandmamma.The book is very interesting and I can guarantee that you would love to complete it at one go.

  11. canon 1200 eos canon 1200 eos says:

    The delayed action mouse maker does add a twist in the story ,the made it to make children into mice but instead they themselves turn into mice The horrid witches will soon be back that s why grandmamma has got to track them down