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In this moving account, Peter Korn explores the nature and rewards of creative practice We follow his search for meaning as an Ivy educated child of the middle class who finds employment as a novice carpenter on Nantucket, transitions to self employment as a designer and maker of fine furniture, takes a turn at teaching and administration at Colorado s Anderson Ranch Arts Center, and then founds a school in Maine the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, an internationally respected nonprofit institution Furniture making practiced as a craft in the st century is a decidedly marginal occupation Yet the view from the periphery can be illuminating For Korn the challenging work of bringing something new and meaningful into the world through one s own volition whether in the arts, the kitchen, or the marketplace is what generates the meaning and fulfillment that so many of us seek This is not a how to book in any sense Korn wants to get at the why of craft in particular and the satisfactions of creative work in general to understand their essential nature How does the making of objects shape our identities How do the products of creative work inform society In short, what does the process of making things reveal to us about ourselves Korn draws on four decades of hands on experience to answer these questions eloquently, and often poignantly, in this personal, introspective, and revealing book

13 thoughts on “Why We Make Things and Why It Matters: The Education of a Craftsman (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Peter Korn, Traber Burns, Blackstone Audio, Inc.: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Dr Ting-Yu Lin Dr Ting-Yu Lin says:

    This book takes an intimate look at what craftsmanship is all about.Although the author specialises in the art of furniture making, the principles and the thought processes he attempted to convey, based on his personal views experiences, seem to be universal.My only qualm would be his overuse of the word narrative After seeing it for the tenth time I started wondering when I was going to see it again, thus distracting me from the main task.Other than that the book was a pleasure to read.

  2. TVR TVR says:

    What a great book Peter says all those things I ve had bottled up in my brain for a long time but was not good enough with words to convey Having been a teacher of Craft design and Technology for many years and then owning my own carpentry business and making some bespoke furniture I really understand Peter s feelings and thoughts I now work with young offenders helping them to enjoy the wonder of making things in wood.I would recommend that all educationalists and those academics in Westminster read this book then perhaps we might readdress the lack of practical subjects being taught in our schools these days.Trevor HoskenFleet Hants UK

  3. Hyaku Hyaku says:

    An interesting life story, but the title doesn t really indicate the exact contents of the text You ll have a good idea at the end, but you ll need to read it all before you see why it matters

  4. David Lutkin David Lutkin says:

    It turned out to be of an autobiography with some personal philosophies rather anything really interesting.

  5. vteditor vteditor says:

    Bringing the ideology and passion for craftsmanship to the front of understanding one s position in the field and agency Moving from Sennett and Crawford this is the next text you should read.

  6. Jpenyo Jpenyo says:

    Arrived promptly but my husband pinched for first read Tells me it is very interesting so I look forward to my turn

  7. Andrew Coulthard Andrew Coulthard says:

    utterly brilliant book.bought another copy to give as a present to a fellow maker of things

  8. Dr. V. Reddy Dr. V. Reddy says:

    brilliant book

  9. Mackenzie Mackenzie says:

    More biography of the author with some insight but not as much depth as expected after reading book description Would not recommend.

  10. Bricomani57 Bricomani57 says:

    Excellent livre

  11. rama krishna keertana rama krishna keertana says:

    good book

  12. DC DC says:

    Great book

  13. Ralph de Masi Ralph de Masi says:

    If you are buying this book because of the title, don t bother If you want to know what he eats for breakfast, how many different buildings he bought, his romantic breakups, his divorce and a number of other personal things that have nothing to do with craftsmanship then buy the book and be ready to have things discussed with no order what so ever I thought the idea of chapters was to aggregate events or thoughts but apparently in this book the chapters were there merely as areas to pause.Some people will enjoy this book and that s fine because different people expect different things But while I read and enjoyed The Craftsman by Richard Sennett and Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew Crawford, which were entirely different from one another, struggled with this one to understand what point he was trying to make Reading it each day, as I like to finish books that I start, was laboring.Good Luck