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I think the gruesome detail of any plot involving serial killers was quite well tempered with several positive developments in the lives of the principals Carol is finally beginning to act like a human being with real feelings and emotions Paula is making a lot of good decisions and her relationship with Elinor is rock solid Tony is fumbling but reuniting with Carol will get him going again The plot was typical of any involving serials killers Tony has it right What he does profiling is 90% common sense and a sixth sense of playing the right hunches Of course it helps immensely to have a team of solid police work to back him up Torin was a good character just the right one to tell you how much people s lives are ruined by any senseless act of murder Val McDermid is a seasoned professional who does justice to her craft. Val McDermid can do no wrong when it comes to writing a novel.But the Tony and Carol Wire In The Blood series are the ones her fans look forward to the most and I m no exception.They are,in my opinion,THE best duo to grace crime fiction.The honest and naturally written relationship between them,the ups and downs,the emotional punches we ve endured, the tender moments we ve shared with them,over the years has become just as important and gripping as the fiendishly dark plots they ve been embroiled in.When you finish one of Val s books you actually feel a little like you re saying goodbye to couple of friends.Until next time.Which can never come quick enough. Guilt and grief have driven a wedge between long time crime fighting partners psychologist Tony Hill and ex DCI Carol Jordan But just because they re not talking doesn t mean the killing stops Someone is killing women Women who bear a disturbing resemblance to Carol Jordan And when the evidence begins to point in a disturbing direction, thinking the unthinkable seems the only possible answer Four stars for this because I missed the interaction of the MIT Unavoidable, due to the path that this tale takes us down That said, once a great read A serial killer is at work again, and this time Paula is on her own with a new boss who can t see beyond what is in front of her, no thinking out of the box, no empathy no team support from her recently disbanded MIT colleagues., or Carol Jordan and Tony Hill We pick these last two up with their personal problems on going, still to be resolved will they This killer is twisted and heartless and hates women It needs the skills of Tony Hill and Carol Jordan and the MIT working together to resolve these murders, but these things are not possible How will Paula McIntyre make it so A great read, showing at times the frustrations of having to work within budgets when lives are at stake, also the difficulties women police officers have with some of their own male colleagues attitudes to them, which runs through the series of books. Great read Yet another brilliant book by Val McDermid,such a talented writer I can t wait to start on the next book in this series Read them,they re so good,you may become addicted to them like me The last novel in this series was probably the weakest There was one plot line in particular that just fizzled out didn t go anywhere, but Cross Burn sees Val McDermid back to her very best It s not just the plot that keeps you going, but the excellent characterisations and her writing style which keep you hooked Tony Hill faces probably the biggest challenge of his career in this novel and the story centres on his fight to rebuild his personal and professional life If you liked the previous Tony Hill novels, but were like me disappointed with the last one, then rest assured this one is a welcome return to form. As always good plotting and our familiar characters Hill and Jordan play a large part in this follow up to the end of MIT I enjoyed the way the characters come together again and although it was pretty obvious that they would, McDermid did it skilfully There have to be crazed individuals committing horrendous crimes or what else would our protagonists do We would be pretty bored if the books were written about traffic crime or domestic burglary cases.I do though wonder how McDermid will end this series. MoDernist has to be a favorite author I ve read so many books and never been disappointed Once again the psychological angle is superb, the characters flawless and another one that I found impossible to put down Cross and Burn reveals Tony Halls personal demons and Jordan s uncertainties but so far this is my favourite book in the series Having said that I m not sure whether I will be reading in the series but that is of my preference than anything else, I know fans of Hall and Jordan will not agree with me I ve read and enjoyed Val McDermid books before and enjoyed them but cannot say the same about Hall and Jordan series perhaps I expect too much or perhaps the tv series coloured my expectations. Having caught up with all the books in the delicious Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series I am reading them through again enjoying my extra closeness to the main characters and Val McDermid s masterly plotting Cross and Burn is the eighth book in the series of nine It can be read as a standalone as the plot arc starts with the two lead characters in dark places because of what happened in book seven, something that is deftly revealed without holding up the pace as the book progresses, and ends with a resolution of sorts and a new direction for the future While Tony Hill and Carol Jordan are sorting out their downfalls a parallel plot with a serial murder unfolds with flashes of scary insights into the mind of the murderer as Paula aided by the few who remain from Carol s old team try to save the lives of his victims Like all Val McDermids books the victims are portrayed as real people whose lives you care about, making the whole thing much suspenseful.