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Before the wights there were vampires Abner Marsh has finally realised his heart s desire, he has built the Fevre Dream, the finest steamship ever to sail the Mississippi river Marsh hopes to race the boat some day and prove its supremacy, but his partner seems determined to prevent him from fulfilling this ambition Joshua York funded the creation of the Fevre Dream, but now rumours are spreading about the unusual company he keeps, his odd eating habits and strange waking hours As the Dream crosses the great river, it leaves in its wake too many sinister stories Eventually Abner is forced to confront the man who helped to make his dreams become reality before his dream turns into a nightmare Discover George R R Martin s Gothic masterpiece, Fevre Dream

14 thoughts on “Fevre Dream (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: George R. R. Martin, Ron Donachie, Hodder & Stoughton: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Ossy Ossy says:

    Read this years ago Felt the need to re read because, although I couldn t remember the story v.well, just knew it had made a lasting impression and was good..So glad to find it on It was like reading from new all over again, one of those can t put down books Strong characters, intense, moving story So well written Lots of lovely detail about the world of river life and paddle steamers too, you sort of imagine you re there amongst them all hoping you don t bump into the you know whats Don t normally read vampire lit any Seen the films, been there, done that etc This was altogether different and very clever Felt real loss when I d finished it.Is now patiently waiting in my bedside table drawer till next time George RR Martin had a winner with this one Fully Recommend

  2. Chainsaw Charlie Chainsaw Charlie says:

    After reading all the novels in the SoI F back to back over the the last several months I wanted to try other works I can also fully recommend his three novellas featuring Egg by this author and I am so glad that I did as he shows himself to be just as in his SoI F series to be wonderfully inventive storyteller and even though its a story about vampires featuring a lot of the usual vampire mythos he has also brought something fresh to the genre and I found this book a gripping read that has also left me wanting to read even by him.Very happy with this seller too Item as described and speedy delivery Will definitely use again in the future.

  3. E. A. Solinas E. A. Solinas says:

    Fevre Dream is one of those brilliant genre novels that slipped between the cracks for many years, only to flower again when the vampire craze did George R.R Martin wove his own unique vampire mythos, and mixed it in with Southern grittiness, some shocking gore, and a grizzled ugly old man who may be the vampires salvation.Steamboat captain Abner Marsh has become business partners with the gentlemanly Joshua York, who pays for the construction of the ultimate steamboat But strange deaths along the Mississippi lead Abner to suspect that something isn t quite kosher with Joshua, until Joshua reveals the truth about himself he and his friends are vampires, who are working to free his race from their bloodlust.However, the evil bloodmaster Damon Julian wants to keep the vampires as is, since it allows him greater power over his brethren He s even got a Gollumesque human serving him before long Abner s attempts to help his friend lead to disaster, and it will be many years before the two friends have a chance at killing Damon againMartin is one of the few authors who actually bothers to come up with an origin story for his vampires, rather than just having these pale bloodsucking people be there Without revealing too much, he weaves a haunting explanation for the biological, spiritual and cultural differences between humans and vampires, and sets them up as a brother race to homo sapiens instead of undead corpses It s awesome.Martin s writing is gritty, dark and sometimes grotesque a vampire using a BABY as food , and even at the best of times he fills it with the grimy atmosphere of a working class man living on the Mississippi The only real problem is the timeskip, which jolts us several years into the future and is kind of disorienting, but that s a relatively small problem.And the entire plot revolves around two very powerful characters, who share a powerful friendship based on trust and a desire to help the vampire species Joshua is the usual charming gentlemanly vampire, but he s elevated by his powerful desire to save his species from their enslavement to bloodlust and or Damon Julian And Abner is a totally unstereotypical vampire novel character he is ugly, a grizzled military man, and even as a sick old man he kicks butt Fevre Dream is a visceral, gritty vampire novel that takes the time to explore the bloodsuckers past, and comes up with a pretty brilliant plot in the present as well A must read for vampire fans who like it bloody and dark.

  4. iMiTCHELL1 iMiTCHELL1 says:

    This book is than the sum of its parts its a powerful story about ambition and how by being blinded by our ambition we can choose to not see that something is not quite right That of course seems like the meta narrative of the book on the surface its about a steamboat man who partners with a vampire to the steamboat of his dreams to life on the river set in 1800s is a real good book give it a try and you won t be disappointed

  5. Jessica Beevers Jessica Beevers says:

    Slow going to start with, but I generally find that with Martin s books By the second half I couldn t put it down, and the ending was remarkably satisfying for a vampire book I ve never read a vampire story that ended with so much hope.Three stars mainly because it s not something I would generally go for but for fans of GRRM I suspect it really hits the spot Certainly worth it if you like vampire stories.

  6. Mr Macabre Mr Macabre says:

    What a story I thought this was truly excellent I loved the setting and the descriptions evoked such a strong feeling for the era that I stopped reading several times to research the towns, the boats, the river and even the food Abner Marsh s meals were astounding but they suited him to the ground.This is up there with the best vampire books It may even be the best, I m not sure, I ll have to ponder that a while.This is one that will stay in the memory for a long time.

  7. Coral Anne Cressey Coral Anne Cressey says:

    If you re a vampire lover you would like this Even though the vampires are not directly called vampires I do like the angle that G.R.R Martin took with the vampire legend So it should be a good read for vampire and G.R.R Martin fans so pick it up Now, if only he would finish the song of ice and fire

  8. Stoopid_Snot Stoopid_Snot says:

    Great read, even bits about steamboats for which I care little George made interesting I like how he took the mythic of blood suckers and made it into something slightly different.Would love to have a read in that universe again.

  9. V W Repaka V W Repaka says:

    Great expectations led to greater disappointment Unlike the game of Throne series, George R R Martin didn t impress with this tale of two warring species Somehow the protagonist s lofty idealism seemed contrived and his nemesis not sinister enough The narrative lacks the fluidity of his earlier work and the characters apart from the Captain, seem to be mere shadows rather than real flesh and blood.

  10. Jheart Jheart says:

    Prior to reading this book, I was not really a fan of vampire literature, but George Martin is a brilliant storyteller and I have read this book 3 times simply because of his masterful prose In fact, this is one of the best, most memorable works of fiction I have ever read.

  11. F. Menhofer F. Menhofer says:

    Ich bin als Fan der Book of Ice and Fire Buchserie von Gerorge R.R Martins Erz hl Stil vollauf begeistert Er hat es geschafft mit dieser Vampirgeschichte Cliches und Rassismus des 19 Jahrhunderts in Amerika auf ganz besondere Art zu thematisieren Das Bild einer romantischen Dampfschifffahrt auf dem Ohio River bzw Mississippi mit all ihrer Sch nheit und Melancholie wird schnell von der harten Realit t des Lebens in dieser Zeit verdr ngt und mit Martins Interpretation von Vampiren vermischt Heraus kommt eine spannende, wenn auch im Einzelnen etwas vorhersehbare Fantasy Geschichte.Was die Qualit t des Taschenbuchs angeht, bin ich sehr entt uscht Ich habe das Buch im Freien Gelesen und bei Seite 150 etwa, fiel mir mehr als die H lfte der Seiten wegen schlechter Verklebung entgegen Die herausgefallenen Seiten h ngen zusammen, daher l sst es sich noch lesen Ich hoffe das bleibt ein Einzelfall.

  12. katoo katoo says:

    it has the taste of a heavy southern summer evening , with the first chill of upcoming fall but it is not as recommended anyhow romantic, it is a mans vampire story with dust, drunk and blood and friend or comradeship.Good and interesting read very colorful, but not so touching like the sophisticated sounding Bram Stoker, f.e may be for the guys in the vampire novel reading community.

  13. Silver Silver says:

    Nach GOT habe ich mir einige andere B cher von Martin gekauft Hier handelt es sich nun um einen Vampirroman Das Thema an sich ist gut, aber die Umsatzung fand ich dann doch etwas schleppend Zu langatmig f r meinen Geschmack und die Charaktere etwas untief Also ich habe mich stellenweise etwas geplagt.

  14. Andreas K. Andreas K. says:

    Nach dem gro en Vampir Hype, der viele Geschichten, die die Welt nicht braucht, zur Folge hatte, hatte ich erst meine Bedenken ein Buch ber Vampire zu lesen.Doch da bisher alles was ich von GRRM gelesen habe genial war, entschied ich mich doch daf r.Wer h tte es gedacht, es war einfach nur traumhaft.Besonders hervorzuheben ist es meiner Meinung nach, wie Martin es schafft, das Wesen der Vampire von einer bisher unbekannten Seite zu beleuchten Dass dies nach all den Geschichten ber Vampire in der Art noch m glich war, h tte ich nicht gedacht.Au erdem hat es sehr viel Spa gemacht die Reise im Buch entlang des Mississippi nachzuempfinden, was sich als sehr leicht herausstellte, da es sich um reale Schaupl tze handelt.Weiterhin fande ich es sehr gut wie Martin die gesellschafftlichen Probleme der USA im 19ten Jahrhundert im Rahmen der Geschichte verarbeitet hat.Insgesamt ist das Buch sehr empfehlenswert, da GRRM wie immer h chste literarische Qualit t liefert.