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Kris Milnes s uplifting performance of a story that has captured the hearts of the nation will bring you a new level of appreciation and empathy for author James and his faithful furry companion The phenomenal number one best seller about best friends James and Bob Now a major motion picture starring Luke Treadaway Shortlisted for Popular Non Fiction Book of the Year Specsavers National Book AwardsWhen James Bowen found an injured, ginger street cat curled up in the hallway of his sheltered accommodation, he had no idea just how much his life was about to change James was living hand to mouth on the streets of London and the last thing he needed was a pet Yet James couldn t resist helping the strikingly intelligent tom cat, whom he quickly christened Bob He slowly nursed Bob back to health and then sent the cat on his way, imagining he would never see him again But Bob had other ideas Soon the two were inseparable and their diverse, comic and occasionally dangerous adventures would transform both their lives, slowly healing the scars of each other s troubled pasts A Street Cat Named Bob is a moving and uplifting story that will touch the heart of anyone who hears it

7 thoughts on “A Street Cat Named Bob (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: James Bowen, Kris Milnes, Hodder & Stoughton: Audible Audiobooks

  1. RK RK says:

    This book was recommended to me, and not particularly being a cat fan, I wasn t overly keen, but gave it a go anyway I enjoyed it It is written in an honest and simplistic style, reminding me of Lion A Long Journey Home in the sense that it is a true and fascinating story written in a raw and humble way I would never have been interested to see the film, prior to reading the book, but now I m keen to download it tonight and enjoy it alongside a nice glass of wine Incidentally, I will now ALWAYS buy a Big Issue or at the least spare a few pence when I see a seller I had no real idea of its purpose and genuine contribution to helping people who are brave enough to look for help and stick with it, come rain, hail or shine or violence and abuse It is admirable I have nothing but admiration for James Bowen who slipped into a living hell, which I imagine is so easy to do if you fall upon that path, but then had the resilience to actively look for solutions, accept help and live through the toughest times in order to achieve his goal of health and happiness It is an inspirational tale, well worth telling Who knows how many peoplecould be inspired to take the journey to recovery.

  2. ann ann says:

    I loved this charming, heartwarming story Both James and Bob were initially in a bad way With James s nurturing of this little street cat he brought him back to good health In turn, Bob s loyalty paid wonderful dividends in an unimaginable way, bringing good fortune to James whose life of drug dependency really changed He is now happy and settled with Bob and the support of family and friends Long may he be so.I first read about James and Bob in The Big Issue and this prompted me to see the film and buy a book on kindle How glad I am to have been touched by this incredible tale and to learn of such a positive outcome.

  3. Nina Quick Nina Quick says:

    Such a heart warming book, I loved it I am not an animal person but this book was recommended to me and I m so glad I read it It gives a real insight into life on the streets and one man s attempt to leave them behind him James is a likeable, kind man who has ended up in this situation because of a variety of reasons, he explains his situation without pity, and I really felt for him, especially how he explained his reasons for getting involved in drugs His relationship with the stray who befriends him is really touching It gave me a real insight into the difficulty of coming off methadone and drug dependency too There are also many light hearted moments too, and some of his adventures made me smile A really enjoyable read.

  4. Mark Chisholm Mark Chisholm says:

    I resisted the hype for quite some time but finally caved in and bought this to read And despite the fact that it is written without verve or gusto, the straight forward honest style meant that I finished this in two sittings.There are very few books written with such open hearted honesty and very quickly you find yourself entirely on the author s side willing him to succeed And for someone such as myself who mostly certainly has few soft leanings is quite an achievement This is probably down to the way the author does not ask for pity He acknowledges his own failings despite some tough times as a kid and finds within himself a determination to pull himself clear of his spiral of self destruction.Drugs of course feature in this tale as they do sadly in many hopeless situations Bowen admits his problem and guides us through the rehabilitation process in a way that thankfully avoids the grotesque used to shock in some other autobiographies Once again this process is one of humility and grit.Through this is of course Bob The cat that makes Bowen take the final steps towards a stable lifestyle and one that is drug free Bob is clearly a remarkable cat but most of all he gives back to the author hope and a reason to succeed.Along the way we learn a bit about life on the street and just how hard it is And whilst buying the Big Issue has never been on my list of things I would ever contemplate from now on I m going to buy the odd one because it does seem to make a difference.Overall a book that ultimately is about hope and redemption Well worth a read.

  5. Tracey Madeley Tracey Madeley says:

    This is a wonderfully light and heart warming true story about the benefit of animals in terms of therapy and responsibility It also shows, very early, on how expensive owning a pet can be and the wonderful work our animal charities do The sacrificial payment James had to make for Bob s medication would have been difficult for anyone, let alone someone who was living from day to day This is a wonderful example of James s compassion and altruism.I love James s naive attitude that people must feel grateful that they haven t suffered misfortune and ended up on the streets This is how society should react, but the reality of the material aspirational individual is the common term benefit scroungers It is lovely that Bob attracts so much attention on the streets, when James went busking and that people, mainly women, bought him presents and knitted him things I have to say, that would be me if I saw him The book highlights the problems of living on the streets, whether that is busking or selling the Big Issue This is where CCTV becomes a benefit and source of protection for the vulnerable Equally there is the problem of isolation and who do you turn to for support in a crisis, especially if the police want to detain you overnight I like the fact that the story explains the myths surrounding Big Issue sellers The fact that they don t have to be living on the streets, you can be in temporary housing There are also rules around drinking, begging and approaching people, as well as assigned pitches.I cried when James lost Bob twice Fortunately this cat is not daft and can find safety when needed and all s well that ends well James talks about Bob being his reward for doing good, but I think Bob is the reason for doing good and the reward is being drug free.I understand there are other books in the series and I look forward to reading them.

  6. Harry LeFou Harry LeFou says:

    I first happened to see a status in FB about an upcoming movie entitled A Street Cat Named Bob, in my veterinary doctor s wall Me being a fortunate owner of than dozen cats, was eager to know about James and his much celebrated feline friend Bob Hence, I placed an order of this book and I wasn t disappointed.The story of James and Bob, from how they met to how their lives transformed towards positive direction was really heart melting It wasn t like all fell in place, but the responsibility and perseverance to be there through think and thin was inspiring The narration made this book even interesting read.A truly remarkable story of hope and love P.S All my cats loved Bob James Attached is a pic, where one of my kittens Julie feeling jolly reading about Bob and his human friend

  7. Norma Norma says:

    Una bellissima storia vera di un gatto e dell amico a due zampe che ha scelto come compagno per la vita L ho acquistato dopo aver visto il film e mi sono goduta ogni pagina, dall incontro per le scale di casa di James, all inizio della loro insolita amicizia, che sembra momentanea e invece va via via facendosi sempre pi forte, a quando la cosa diventa ufficiale con il microchip Did you hear that, Bob Looks like we re officially a family.Bellissimo anche assistere al progressivo cambiare di James nel difficilissimo percorso da eroinomane, a dipendente dal metadone, a ragazzo libero da tutto quel mondo Per tutto il tempo non si pu fare a meno di tenere per lui, per Bob, per loro due assieme.Stupendo, fa sorridere e fa commuovere, come solo le storie pi belle riescono a fare.To James and Bob, if you will ever read my review good luck guys, you deserve all the good things that happened to you from the very moment you ve met each other, and much