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An adult LEGO fan s dual quest to build with bricks and build a family There areLEGO bricks for every person in the world, and at age , Jonathan Bender realized that he didn t have a single one of them While reconsidering his childhood dream of becoming a master model builder for The LEGO Group, he discovers the men and women who are skewing the averages with collections of hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks What is it about the ubiquitous, brightly colored toys that makes them so hard for everyone to put down In search of answers and adventure, Jonathan Bender sets out to explore the quirky world of adult fans of LEGO AFOLs while becoming a builder himself As he participates in challenges at fan conventions, searches for the largest private collection in the United States, and visits LEGO headquarters where he was allowed into the top secret set vault , he finds his LEGO journey twinned with a second creative endeavor to have a child His two worlds intertwine as he awaits the outcome Will he win a build competition or bring a new fan of LEGO into the world Like every really good love story, this one has surprises and a happy ending The book Explores the world of adult fans of LEGO, from rediscovering the childhood joys of building with LEGO to evaluating LEGO s place in culture and art Takes an inside look at LEGO conventions, community taboos, and build challenges, and goes behind the scenes at LEGO headquarters and LEGOLAND Tells a warm and personal story about the attempt to build with LEGO and build a family Whether you re an avid LEGO freak or a onetime fan who now shares LEGO bricks with your children, this book will appeal to the inner builder in you and reignite a love for all things LEGO

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    This book is written with the same naive charm Louis Theroux attaches to his Weird Weekends as the author wanders through the world of AFOLs Adult Fans Of lego , buys large sets of Lego which he finds intimidating to build they do come with instructions, Jonathan and visits Lego conventions and head office in Denmark It s got some interesting information and while it hasn t converted me to want to become an AFOL regardless of how much my son is now amassing it does possess a certain charm On a different note there are some photos of the author s own Lego creations in the book too his MOC s My Own Creations and they re not much cop So you can at least read the book, look at the pictures and go I could build better than that

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    I bought this book as well as another for my kids who are Lego fans I ended up reading both of them when it turned out that my sons would rather build Legos than read about them The first book was a detailed history about Lego which was well detailed, but read like a dry textbook.Bender s book, however, was a fun read and written with plenty of wit, particularly as he describes the Lego conventions which anyone who has attended comic and toy cons will easily relate and his entrance into the Lego culture and community It also made me appreciate this child s toy a lot , which is something my parents never purchased for me a bit too pricy in my days but I ve gone overboard for my kids the cost of their STAR WARS sets probably cost than the original models made by George Lucas.As other reviewers have said, this isn t a novel which will change your life, but it will keep you entertained with each chapter.

  3. Sharoonkh Sharoonkh says:

    This book is interesting as a well researched study of the adult LEGO fan community, but it is also utterly charming as a peek into the author s childhood and young adulthood as a fan of Legos and a lover of his wife and new daughter A treat

  4. Mark Mark says:

    This story is a expertly written glimpse into the world of Lego, it tells a good story while providing a history of the famous studded bricks The author experiences all the ups and downs of life while trying to rediscover a childhood passion I love this book and recommend it to any avid builder, or just anyone who likes a good story.

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    This book didn t end up being the fun trip back into Legoland I d hoped for, but it may be the perfect Lego story for someone else I think it ll depend on just what you loved or still love about Lego.Are you a collector Do facts about particular sets and their rarity interest you Are you a competitive builder, and is showing off what you ve built the main reason to build anything _Lego A Love Story_ is going to be right up your alley Jonathan Bender gets drawn into collection, competition, and comparison with other adult builders, and he enjoys it all He shares a lot of trivia about the company itself, prominent adult fans, prevalent fan acronyms, and websites Did you know there are places you can buy alligator tails for eight cents each In shorter supply are playfulness and whimsy Even when the author s putting together rainbow camels, it s all about becoming a better builder and designing something that will earn him kudos from the Adult Fans of Lego My love of Lego was is centered on the Lego people and the stories I could make up with them, and I wanted to know what worlds these adult fans built for their little plastic men both when they were children and now than I cared just how many bricks were in anyone s structure Bender has fun with a few delightfully warped vignettes, but by and large Lego is Serious Business to him he s driven to excel at building and the storytelling side of Lego isn t much explored.This just didn t speak to my affection for the hobby I m giving the book three stars based on my personal enjoyment, as the facts and figures got too dry for me at times and the personal element did, as someone else said, feel tacked on there s not much story to the love story But it s one of those books where I can easily see it as a four or even five star read for a different Lego lover Don t buy _Lego a Love Story_ for the narrative, whatever the back copy says get it if you want a fandom study with a funny and personal touch.

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    Nearing his 30th birthday, three years into his marriage and dealing with infertility, freelance journalist Jonathan Bender stumbles upon a bin of LEGO from his childhood and decides to do a project memoir Knowing little of LEGO, he researches and writes with the perspective of an adult newbie.Bender chose to focus on the history of LEGO and on what is called AFOL, the Adult Fan of LEGO community which thrives now through internet communication, where mostly men talk LEGO and share uploaded images of their custom designs Some AFOLs meet also in person at two different kinds of shows, similar to a convention or conference.One reason I am disappointed with the book is that the author did not expand his research into the experiences of parents and children Since I am one of those parents who has learned and experienced LEGO primarily by spending thousands of dollars on new LEGO and gone on many tag sale hunts for bargains, and seen LEGO through the eyes of a child, I know there is another side of the story to tell Any research about a toy that has children absent seems just strange to me Yet, since this is a project memoir and Bender s experience is not yet experiencing LEGO through his future child ren I guess my idea makes no sense.I think the book would be both complete and would have worked better if it were written as a straightforwad nonfiction book that either focused only on AFOL as a niche book or included some research and stories about children and teens and LEGO and was a thorough, less niche nonfiction book I could share at least six chapter s worth of content that could have been included if it were not a project memoir and was a nonfiction book instead which included how children and teens use LEGO The reason I rated this 3 stars, it s okay is the book was not rivoting and did not pull me in The writing was a bit uneven, being draggy in some spots and not tight enough in others Sometimes Bender goes on and on and when is just not interesting any I wondered why a bit editing was not done.The weaving of the personal issue of infertility and using playing with LEGO as a diversion just didn t work for me I really think the book would be better as straight nonfiction Being a mother and sensitive to infertility, I was surprised that Bender s writing on the topic really didn t touch my heart, which is a real shame He writing on that very personal issue came off flat and unemotional It is difficult to write about very personal, emotional topics, so that is why a writer has a choice to either write about it, or not If writing about an emotional topic doesn t convey that heart wrenching emotion to the reader, then it perhaps it should have been edited out The book could have been just about an adult man learning about the history of LEGO and the AFOL as a project memoir or change it to be nonfiction.Bender seems like a really likable guy, and we re a LEGO loving family, so it pains me that I didn t love the book and feel that is was okay.If you must read anything about LEGO you ll read this book no matter what I think of it If you want to know about the seldom written about AFOL, this is a must read book.Note Project memoir to me means a book where a person chooses to do activity and research and to document it, including sharing of emotions and opnions they experience as the project unfolds The book begins at the start of their journey and has either a project completion or a time period deadline Most commonly, project memoir writers are ignorant about the topic until they dive in and begin doing research.