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Set in the rural midlands of England, The Rainbow revolves around three generations of Brangwens, a family deeply involved with the land and noted for their strength and vigour When Tom Brangwen marries a Polish widow, Lydia Lensky, and adopts her daughter, Anna, as his own, he is unprepared for the conflict and passion that erupts between them Their stories continue in Women in Love

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  1. SusannahB SusannahB says:

    Spanning a period from the mid 1850s to the early twentieth century, D H Lawrence s The Rainbow tells the story of three generations of the Brangwen family, beginning with Tom Brangwen, a Nottingham farmer who meets and becomes very attracted to Lydia Lensky, a genteel Polish widow with a young daughter, Anna Tom and Lydia marry, and although Tom finds his new wife unfathomable at times, the marriage is a lasting and productive one They have children together, but Tom always keeps a special place in his heart for his stepdaughter Anna When Anna meets Tom s nephew, Will, the pair become strongly attracted to one another and marry as soon as they are able however, after a long and passionate honeymoon, Will and Anna find it difficult to relate fully to one another and Will, who doesn t find it easy to articulate his feelings, becomes frustrated and resentful Like Tom and Lydia before them however, Anna and Will find common ground, their sexual attraction to one another helps them to make their marriage work and the couple have several children the eldest of whom is Ursula And it is Ursula Brangwen s story which forms the major and, for me, the most interesting part of the novel, and where we read of Ursula as a spirited child who develops into an independent young woman determined to make her own way in life a situation which causes problems between Ursula and her parents, particularly her father We also learn of her relationship with Anton Skrebensky, a half Polish half English soldier who goes off the fight in the Boer War of her lesbian affair with her schoolteacher, Winifred and of her decision to become a schoolteacher herself which involves her in having to undergo a truly memorable and dreadful period of teaching experience in a state school where her unruly pupils number over fifty in her class Ursula s story continues in Women in Love , which was originally intended by Lawrence to be the final part of The Rainbow.First published in 1915 and two months later banned under the Obscene Publications Act 1857 and remained banned for eleven years D H Lawrence s The Rainbow is a passionate and powerful story where the author not only discusses frankly the sexuality of his male characters, but also that of his female protagonists Of course, today, this does not raise an eyebrow, but the passion and fervour of Lawrence s language still resonates throughout the narrative, not solely with the parts of the novel focusing on sexual relationships, but also with his characters relationships with the natural world around them and where Lawrence writes eloquently and evocatively of situation and setting Although I have to admit that there were parts to the narrative which I felt were a little overblown, overall I found this novel an interesting and rewarding read and one which has made me keen to read and review Women in Love.4 Stars.

  2. Page Turner Page Turner says:

    A book should be something which is comfortable to read, with good typesetting and page layout This publication is none of these.Not everything can be reduced to speed and cost the art of good publishing should be given its due the pleasure of anticipation of the content a cover design which leads into the content and then the art of design print sitting well within its margins, headings at the head of a page, and a typeface which does not need specialist glasses to read.

  3. fudgiebudgie fudgiebudgie says:

    I thought this was a very insightful book in regards human nature and struggles within relationships I enjoyed it up until Ursula s story. which I found rather gloomy and hard work.

  4. Charlie B Charlie B says:

    Worth reading this in conjunction with Women in Love so that you get the complete stories of Ursula and Gudrun, the two sisters and the central characters of the two novels So much has been written about Lawrence and I am not intellectually competent enough to introduce any new thoughts on his work.

  5. Ben Kelly Ben Kelly says:

    Bought this as a present for my younger brother, who is an English M.A He was thoroughly satisfied with it and said it came in very handy for revision and reference purposes Here s hoping he passes D

  6. Nigel Field Nigel Field says:

    It s a book so I will read it

  7. Jane C. Jane C. says:

    Such a moving story and so much of then is true today Proving that at the very heart of us we are the same as those who went before.Would have given it five stars but the edition had not been very well proof read.


    Too slow for me Parts were good but was a bit bored with the book and couldn t finish it.