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Michael Pollan s unmatched ability to draw lines of connection between our everyday experiences whether eating, gardening, or building and the natural world has been the basis for the popular success of his many works of nonfiction, including the genre defining best sellers The Botany of Desire, The Omnivore s Dilemma, and In Defense of Food With this updated edition of his earlier book, A Place of My Own, listeners can revisit the inspired, intelligent, and often hilarious story of Pollan s realization of a room of his own a small, wooden hut, his shelter for daydreams built with his admittedly unhandy hands Inspired by both Thoreau and Mr Blandings, A Place of My Own not only works to convey the history and meaning of all human building, it also marks the connections between our bodies, our minds, and the natural world

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  1. Dynomum Dynomum says:

    I was a writer in need of a writing space and did what Pollan advised I grabbed a chair and walked around my garden until I saw the view I wanted from my desk and chair Then I built a garden office around it Every day I delight in my space, I have privacy and I value the work I do from my own work space You may not be able to build a cabin in the woods as he did, and I didn t use my own hands to build my office, but it is the philosophy behind all Pollan s beliefs that starts ones own brain whirring All his books are worth the read.

  2. Pedroza Pedroza says:

    He is a brilliant writer OK he is over exposed after Cooking if you are already a fan you ll want to say Oh , I ve loved his books for aaaaaages this is , I think his second book Often non fiction interests me but without a narrative to carry me through I don t finish No such problem with this He writes so well that he makes deciding where a window will go seem fascinating He even interested me in architecture , but most of all this is an eclectic book which meanders gorgeously through ideas I have recommend it to many and have heard no one who has not been enchanted if you like Michael Crawford this is similar but much friendly

  3. catliketread catliketread says:

    As an architect myself I was skeptical I would gain much from this However it is an erudite outsider s view looking into the depths and processes at work when you decide to build from concept to completion the whys, wheres and how are all very well researched and considered, actually surprisingly funny at times It is not so much how to build your own shed but an essay on how you should think about buildingapplies to anything really.

  4. Mr Fife Mr Fife says:

    although best known for his major bookss successes, like the omnivors dilemma, Mr Pollan is a clever writter than can build a story worth telling from such a simple and complicated as it turns out action as building a small hut for himself.once again his combination of research, observation, fun and good story writting excells in a funny but most enjoyable voyage A small gem to enjoy or give as a present.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    An excellent read, very well written Interesting to hear about the idea of the cabin began, evolved and its realization.

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  7. dan dan says:

    This is a beautiful book, with plenty of gorgeous quotes and clear descriptions It is what I was looking for Many thanks

  8. John Donaldson John Donaldson says:

    I expected a story about building a place with soul and the difficulties along the way Perhaps to have some direction personally going forward too But it contains a lot of indulgent reflections on architecture that I could have done without And the writing is irritatingly verbose and self conscious Oh well, good in parts So few pictures, so many words Some photos and diagrams would have helped.

  9. Brian Palmquist Brian Palmquist says:

    I am an architect who has learned much from the reading of this Michael blends personal aspiration with a telling analysis of the current state of design He leavens the mixture with well researched details about the evolution of residential design and construction After reading this, I want to pay a visit so I can do better going forward.

  10. waldlaeuferin waldlaeuferin says:

    Voller Enthusiasmus begann ich die Lekt re von A Place of my own , nachdem das Omnivoren Dilemma desselben Autors mir so ein exquisites Lesevergn gen bereitet hatte.Und wer tr umt nicht von seiner eigenen kleinen H tte im Wald und davon, diese mit eigenen H nden zu erbauen und sich dann darin zur ckzuziehen Und ich habe auch echt nichts dagegen, das, was man tut, in einem geschichtlichen und kulturellen Kontext zu betrachten, denn ob wir wollen oder nicht, wir sind nur zu einem Bruchteil Individuen und k nnen nicht so tun, als w rden wir die erste H tte des Planeten bauen.Michael Pollan, bekennender nicht Heimwerker, engagiert einen befreundeten Architekten und einen Bauleiter , er selbst f hrt nur narrensichere Arbeiten wie Schindeln annageln durch W hrend er mit dem Architekten Schritt f r Schritt die H tte entwirft, fr st er sich durch Architektur Zeitschriften und b cher, um eine Ahnung von der Formensprache und den moderneren Str mungen des Hausbaus zu bekommen Auch die Geschichte des Hausbaus w hrend der Inbesitznahme Nordamerikas durch die Europ er wird skizziert.Auf seinem gro en Grundst ck irrt Pollan geradezu umher, um die richtige Stelle f r die H tte zu finden Als ich so beim Lesen murmelte Mann, ist doch ganz einfach, du musst eine Nacht im Zelt schlafen, wo du denkst, dass die H tte sein soll, dann merkst du schon, ob der Platz gut ist , da sagt der befreundete Architekt Think about it this way You ve been hiking all day, it s getting late, und you re looking for a good campsite just a comfortable, safe feeling place to spend the night That s your site Zu viel Theorie tr bt manchmal den Blick auf das Naheliegende.Dann werden Fundamente gegossen, ein Balkenger st entsteht, mit Hilfe von Freunden wird der Dachfirst an Ort und Stelle platziert, w hrend Pollan sich gedanklich mit dem Einfluss der Lingusitik auf die Architektur besch ftigt.Gescheitert bin ich dann auf Seite 191, als Pollan sich fragt, ob er mit seiner H tte postmodern ist.F r meinen Geschmack hatte sich jetzt etwas zu viel Theorie um das einfache Gartenhaus aufget rmt.Das ohne Zweifel gut gelungen ist, wenn man das Coverbild anschaut.Die von mir nicht gelesenen Kapitel behandeln den Einbau der Fenster, den Innenausbau und die Stromversorgung Es folgen ein ausf hrliches Literaturverzeichnis und ein Sachregister.Am lesenswertesten fand ich das neue Vorwort, in dem der Autor dieses Buch zwischen seinem ersten Second Nature und seinem dritten The Omnivore s Dilemma einordnet Ich habe mich daran erinnert gef hlt, dass f r Rock Pop Bands das zweite Album auch oft das Schwierigste ist selbst f r die Besten.

  11. old guy old guy says:

    This book is not for everyone Michael Pollan does not leave out any details in building a small house in the woods The book doesn t overwhelm you exactly it beats you down until you nearly give up If you don t surrender, and if you have any interest at all in learning how to do something you know nothing about, and if you care about doing something right, you need to read almost anything by Michael Pollan I fell under his spell with his opening salvos in The Omnivores Dilemma, a book that helped start a revolution in food quality and that leads to the corruption that begins with factory farming clear through sales and promotion excesses to the grocery stores and pretended government oversight I don t think it is overblown to write that some Americans and possibly myself would be in a nursing home or six feet under except for Pollan So if you are planning or just thinking about building something and want it to stand the test of time, read A Place of My Own Actually, you can learn a lot from Pollan whether you are going to build anything or not There is a way of looking at things that may be in decline today but that can result in infinite value Pollan can show you how to do this Also, you can join me in wondering why he didn t show us a photo of the completed structure.

  12. paterfamilia paterfamilia says:

    Pollan drives nails Nice memoir of building a private writer s space.I do like his skewering of the modern and pos modern architects As he seems to have some especial scorn for Philip Johnson, I recall reading elsewhere that Johnson was notorious for never designing a window that didn t leak.And irony of ironies, Pollan found himself confronted with inadequate construction drawings of the windows, and an architect with no real idea of how to design an inward opening awning window that didn t inherently leak One thing that does stand out, from a perspective of years after the project was completed was that Mr Pollan and his architect put a higher value on the visual and aural aesthetics of an uninsulated shingle roof than on the winter habitability of the workspace.

  13. Susan,Susan Susan,Susan says:

    An interesting premise of the building a writing shed for the author The details and thoughts that actually involved this part were fascinating and certainly well written On the other hand, the loong wanders off into the obscurities of architectural philosophy were not for me.

  14. Gene Bowker Gene Bowker says:

    Really enjoyed the story of how be built a small writers cottage on his property mostly by hand and with some help.I m jealous because I d love a retreat like that to write and read in.Pollan s writing style is easy to read He s also not afraid to poke fun at himself when he messes things up It s like talking to a friend.

  15. 1.5 Trick Pony 1.5 Trick Pony says:

    I remember in high school hearing about the eccentricities of Walden and rolling my eyes This book has helped me see why that book has held such a strong place in the zeitgeist and yes, makes me want to build my own little place in the woods.I really appreciated how Pollan went into some of the architectural history and theory although at one point I just wanted to shout at him to just get up off of his duff and DO something rather than reading about doing something And then only a few paragraphs later, he made fun of himself for that very thing, and went and actually started with the doing Pretty handy, that Wish it always worked that way for me, the things I could doThe book really has 3 main characters his architect friend mentor, his contractor mentor, and Pollan The book spends an awful lot of time on the struggle between architects and contractors, and Pollan s place stuck between the two of them and his gradual acquisition of knowledge and confidence, which allows him to make decisions outside of the blueprints.I read this book on audiobook, so it was solidly built out of imagination I imagine that the book itself has drawings or illustrations and see, even just looking at the cover shows me what the finished product looks like, and darn that little hut looks cute and snug which would help give it shape mentally but actually that may have helped me a bit I rewound and relistened in some parts to try to figure out what he meant when describing building details, and I don t know that I would have thought so hard about it if it had been diagrammed.That said, is this the Omnivore s Dilemma Nope, not by a long shot But if I had never read OD, I d have given it 5 stars, so that s what I m doing here maybe OD should get an imaginary 6th star, to make it fair to every other book This was just a really enjoyable book, and it s subtly altered how I look at buildings around me Worth the reading, definitely.