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I recall watching the film The Man Who Never Was years ago, although memories of it were limited to a general appreciation of the story line This book not only refreshed that recall but did so by providing a comprehensive telling of the facts A genuinely interesting account of an episode that help reduce the costs of invading Sicily Well worth the reading. I am so glad I bought this book for my eldest son He read it and loved it and then gave it back to me saying you must read this book It is a factual book so don t expect a lightweight ripping tale I was intrigued by what went on in the war and all the double dealing of undercover work and double agents It was great to learn about the real men who appear in the James Bond Stories We really have no idea what goes on behind the scenes either then or now. Ben Macintyre flies the flag for British ingenuity, tradecraft and general eccentricity in this interesting but over long account of Operation Mincemeat Packed with the sort of ego centric toffs who seemed to gravitate towards undercover ops during the war, nicknames like Jimbo and Jumbo makes some of the chapters read like a Dennis Wheatley novel The book is well researched but it does feel as if Macintyre doesn t know when to stop, especially towards the conclusion of the story and the invasion of Sicily by Allied forces in 1943 You have to wonder how much overlap there is between this story and the similar antics of British Intelligence in another Macintyre volume on the D Day spies, in terms of the sometimes tedious level of detail the author provides Ghoulish photos of the corpse being readied for the Mincemeat deception bring home the fact that at the heart of this story was the tragedy of a person who achieved in death than when alive Inevitably, the photos and other visual material included in this comprehensive account of a piece of clever Allied trickery lose impact in the Kindle version. Ben Macintyre never lets me down and I picked Operation Mincemeat when it was a Kindle 99p deal This is the story of the wartime deception operation better known as The Man Who Never Was, due to the famous book and film of that name I followed this by re reading Duff Cooper s novella Operation Heartbreak, published in 1950 I learned from Macintyre that Cooper s book was the first public revelation that a dead body, carrying fake documents intended to fool the Germans as to where the invasion of southern Europe would take place, was dropped off the Spanish coast to be discovered There was a possibility of Cooper being prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act but he said that if charged, he would say that he got the information direct from Churchill His book is nothing like the truth Most of the story is about an invented dim but honourable professional soldier, whose body was eventually used The Man Who Never Was was the work of Ewen Montagu, one of the originators of the plan and was accurate Plenty of people objected to this, too but the book became a bestseller. From the best selling author of Agent Zigzag, the thrilling true story of the greatest and most successful wartime deception ever attempted One April morning in , a sardine fisherman spotted the corpse of a British solder floating in the sea off the coast of Spain and set in train a course of events that would change the course of the Second World War Operation Mincemeat was the most successful wartime deception ever attempted and certainly the strangest It hoodwinked the Nazi espionage chiefs, sent German troops hurtling in the wrong direction, and saved thousands of lives by deploying a secret agent who was different in one crucial respect, from any spy before or since he was dead His mission to convince the Germans that instead of attacking Sicily, the Allied armies planned to invade Greece The brainchild of an eccentric RAF officer and a brilliant Jewish barrister, the great hoax involved an extraordinary cast of characters including a famous forensic pathologist, a gold prospector, an investor, a beautiful secret service secretary, a submarine captain, three novelists, a transvestite English spymaster, an irascible admiral who loved fly fishing, and a dead Welsh tramp Using fraud, imagination and seduction, Churchill s team of spies spun a web of deceit so elaborate and so convincing that they began to believe it themselves The deception started in a windowless basement beneath Whitehall It travelled from London to Spain to Germany And it ended up on Hitler s desk Ben Macintyre, bestselling author of AGENT ZIGZAG, weaves together private documents, photographs, memories, letters and diaries as well as newly released material from the intelligence files of MI and Naval Intelligence, to tell for the first time the full story of Operation Mincemeat This book is superbly written and detailed and is an absolute must for anybody interested in the Second World War and the British Secret Service of the time Potential readers should be aware there is much about the dead and decomposing body of Glyndwr Michael, the story of whom is in itself very sad, which may cause upset but the overall fascinating story can also, by the very nature of its covertness, be quite humourous at times Perhaps equally importantly, the story of Mincemeat and its related Operations highlights well the cunning and ingenuity of those involved and which was typical of Allied wartime operations whereas the Germans, albeit efficient in their own way, were gullible to unreliable agents who were only interested in gaining Hitler s favour and to their own, then, perceived racial and intellectual superiority as drummed into them, with monotonous regularity, by the Nazi leadership The book further gives an insight into the situation with the supposedly neutral Spanish during the period of Mincemeat. Un libro che far parlare di s allorquando uscir in tutto il mondo il film che ne ripercorre la trama e che, se ben prodotto e recitatopotrebbe ambire , perch no, anche a qualche statuetta La storia, affascinante ed appassionante, quella del depistaggio ordito dall ammiragliato britannico ai danni delle forze dell Asse per far loro credere che lo sbarco delle truppe alleate nei territori sotto il loro dominio sarebbe avvenuto non in Sicilia, ma altrove Una guerra la si vince anche cos , impedendo al nemico di predisporre contromisure adeguate e, col senno di poi, risparmiando ove possibile, risorse belliche e vite umane Grazie all inganno, di fattura romanzesca, i Tedeschi non rinforzarono gli argini meridionali dell Italia facilitando il compito a Patton e ad Alexander, che sbarcarono in Sicilia il 10 luglio del 1943, sconquassando l ormai precario equilibrio su cui poggiava lo stato fascista Dieses Buch Beschreibt ein sehr erfolgreiches T uschungsman ver der Briten w hrend den zweiten Weltkrieg Das Erste mal das ich hiervon h rte war als ich den Verfilmung hiervon gesehen hab, Der Mann, den es nie gab The Man Who Never Was nach den gleichnamigen Buch.Die Briten wollen vor der Invasion von Sizilien die Deutschen soweit kriegen das die Truppen von Sizilien wo anders hin verlegen Hierzu w rde eine falsche Identit t kreiert f r eine an Lungenentz ndung gestorbenen obdachlosen Seine Leiche wurde mit ausf hrlichen falsch Information geschm ckt und vor der Spanische K ste als Flugzeugabsturzopfer getarnt ausgesetzt.Der Deutsche Abwehr fiel voll drauf rein und Truppen wurden verlegt.Das Buch ist sehr gut recherchiert, dokumentiert den ganzen Operation hervorragend und erkl rt auch die unterschieden zwischen Wirklichkeit und die doch etwas Romantisierte Verfilmung der Operation.Interessant f r jeden der sich in Geheimdienstoperationen interessiert oder einfach eine spannenden buch lesen das sich liest wie ein Thriller aber keinen ist.