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This Is An Essential Record Of A Remarkable Military Period Too Often Special Forces Operations Are Shrouded In Uncontextual Mystery, Rendering Many Works About Them Speculative Homoerotic Hagiographies Urban Is Immune To Such Nonsense Sam Kiley, THE TIMES In This Ground Breaking Investigation Into The SAS War In Iraq Between 2003 And 2009, Mark Urban Has Worked His Way Around All That And, With Obvious Top Access, Has Put Together One Of The Few Truly Authentic Accounts Of The Modern SAS Outside The World Of Fiction Stephen Grey, THE TIMES That Mark Urban, A BBC Journalist Also Known For Excellent Recent Books On The Napoleonic Wars, Has Been Able To Tell This Story Is A Testament To His Determination And Investigative Skill Few Reporters Succeed In Cultivating Any Sources Within The Closed World Of The British Special Forces Urban Has Found Dozens Who Have Spoken With Unprecedented Candour The Result Is Gripping And Troubling In Equal Measure And An Invaluable Addition To The Increasingly Comprehensive Literature On The Iraq War Jason Burke, OBSERVER Urban S Book, Task Force Black, Deserves To Do Well It Is The First Account, As Full As It Can Be Under The Circumstances, Of The Clandestine War Waged By The SAS And Their Royal Marines Equivalent, The SBS, Alongside US Delta Force In The Height Of That Murderous War Kim Sengupta, INDEPENDENTThe Real Story Of Britain S War In Iraq Has Never Been Told Until Now Very Interesting Not delved into Iraq operations before Great stuff about the Special Forces operations themselves but would have liked about how those guys felt, lived and did their job The descriptions of the teamwork achieved with the Americans was good to find but the politics within the UK SF and the evidence given of lack of medium and long term planning at national international level just makes you wonder and get depressed especially about the loss of life of the Iraqi population. Mark clearly did a lot of research into this book as the information on some of the specific missions is bang on, and gives a good insight into the black ops undertaken by UKSF during their tenure in Iraq.If anybody is considering giving this book a go but is unsure, do yourself a favour and get into it ASAP. Very good dialogue, not frightened to highlight weaknesses and failures.Clear and concise explanation of tactics.A very good read no political slant. Excellent reading Political interference at its best They send men and boys to do the dirty work but never quite know how to finish it SAS we salute you and your fellow pilgrims from across the pond I think it s worth pointing out this has been written by a journalist so anyone looking for a first hand account a la McNab is going to probably be disappointed that s not to say it s not a great read, but it s inline with a Telegraph style account than a soldiers perspective.I did enjoy a lot of the background information the book provided, and the author has done a great job of actually telling as much as possible when obviously due to National Security restrictions was probably limited as to what he could write.It would have been nice to have a bit detail on some of the individual missions, it felt a bit sometimes like a history lesson than a good account of the actual operations, if that makes sense but I still think the author did a great job in the book for what it was and I enjoyed reading it The quality of writing was very good and I felt I learned something from it. The book was well written from my point of view An author whose books I don t normally read.Extremism is well described and it make me aware that to rid the world of Extremist needs far effort by the World Leaders than is being made at present.I would possibly review and buy of his books if available Thank you. The complexes nature of Iraq shown by this book shows the complexity and resources required both militarily and politically and to achieve the end game many would give their lives or sustain life changing injuries of which some we won see for a number of years but the real question is was it worth itthe answer depends where your standing and what you feel the outcome should be.