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This book was a recommendation and not the crime thriller I usually go for and yet I was taken by this novel, keener to get back to it than most of the thrillers I have read There is a lot of exquisite detail I can find lengthy descriptions boring, however well written, but I read every word, was not tempted to jump any passages because all the detail totally took me in The characters are amazing There us no sentimentality They are fresh, irascible and authentic Their lives astound and horrifying Foolhardy, reckless, insanely brave Extreme hardship is accepted with a matter of fact equanimity and the job of survival undertaken with resolute perseverance.Essentially it is the integrity of the characters in all their waywardness in the cases of the mother and father and the solid endurance of the main protagonist that have left a lasting impression on me. Now A Major Motion Picture Starring Brie Larson, Naomi Watts And Woody HarrelsonThis Is A Startling Memoir Of A Successful Journalist S Journey From The Deserted And Dusty Mining Towns Of The American Southwest, To An Antique Filled Apartment On Park Avenue Jeanette Walls Narrates Her Nomadic And Adventurous Childhood With Her Dreaming, Brilliant But Alcoholic Parents At The Age Of Seventeen She Escapes On A Greyhound Bus To New York With Her Older Sister Her Younger Siblings Follow Later After Pursuing The Education And Civilisation Her Parents Sought To Escape, Jeanette Eventually Succeeds In Her Quest For The Mundane, Middle Class Existence She Had Always Craved In Her Apartment, Overlooked By A Portrait Of Someone Else S Ancestor She Recounts Poignant Remembered Images Of Star Watching With Her Father, Juxtaposed With Recollections Of Irregular Meals, Accidents And Police Car Chases And Reveals Her Complex Feelings Of Shame, Guilt, Pity And Pride Toward Her Parents Absolutely fascinating account of a difficult childhood and a happy ending All of the Wells children were neglected, raised without their basic needs provided for Going hungry, living in a chaotic, dangerous environment, no clothes, no furniture, no protection from predators of the human kind Sexual abuse was accepted as normal, life dangers such as being shot at considered no big deal kids left on their own form a very young age But there seems to have been love Yes really There was no abuse, just neglect, which nowadays would be a good enough reason to remove the children from their parents But typically, the kids grew up with a sense of independence and capability and also rebellion against their parents and with such a sense of self preservation and need for organisation that gave them that something extra which can make a really extraordinay person Both parents must have been mentally ill The mother seemed to have no maternal instincts at all and the father, Maybe it was just alcoholism, or maybe it was the torture of genius that made it impossible for him to live in this modern, constrained, conformist society BRILLIANT book for a book club, bit depressing that it s true Maybe I come from a protected naive environment and upbringing but I found this book a fascinating insight into different upbringing I can t imagine my own two VERY mollycoddled boys surviving that kind of childhood but.who knows My oldest one is the same age as Jeanette whether father tried to peddle her for money, my own parental instincts rage at this..full stop. I came to this book after seeing the film of the same name The film was unspeakably sad but nonetheless managed to gloss over much of the situation described in this book Whereas the film gave an impression of a kind of quirky family who were a bit eccentric but not really harmful the book gives a complex and mixed picture of a loving family and what ultimately can only be described as child abuse It is well written but ultimately hopeless.The book is well written 6 10I wrote a fuller review on my blog theweeflea Whenever I ask people which memoirs they recommend, this is the title that comes up again and again It was also a New York Times Bestseller, and having read it, I can see why.There aren t many books where you can say that the heroes of the story are also the villains When I first started reading it, I thought, oh, so this is a memoir about child abuse but then two chapters on, I was thinking, No, I got it wrong they re just bohemian and anti institution types Somehow, she manages to walk this line throughout the book, where you vacillate between thinking her parents are crazy and abusive, or super intelligent and free spirited.Jeannette recounts her remarkable childhood, moving from place to place around America, with her very unconventional parents Although there are some dramatic and emotional elements she tells it all with journalistic precision, which means that it never feels saccharine or over dramatic The writing is elegant and lean, and allows you to feel the emotion as she tells the story I borrowed this from the library, and then went and bought a copy for myself, because I wanted to study her writing closely And then I went and bought a copy as a gift for someone else, because it really is remarkable I was hooked from the moment I began reading You should buy it immediately Trigger warnings for abuse. This memoir tells of a family which is led by parents with impossible dreams It is hard to believe how it managed to survive for so long living with very little money and in impossible situations Yet there are moments of humour amongst the dysfunction and poverty It is an incredible account of survival. I NEVER read these kinds of books about people and their terrible childhoods but with little choice in the holiday villa picked this up and started reading Unlike most other books of this ilk that are mostly depressing and or horribly graphic about their lives this was both funny and endearing I thoroughly enjoyed it and after recounting some of the scenes my daughter was waiting to read it too A brilliant book that does not do the poor me thing look what I had to endure it was written by the author with humour and dignity Loved it