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Peter Robinson Has For Too Long, And Unfairly, Been In The Shadow Of Ian Rankin Perhaps Piece Of My Heart, The Latest In The Chief Inspector Banks Series, Will Give Him The Status He Deserves, Near, Perhaps Even At The Top Of, The British Crime Writers League Piece Of My Heart Brilliantly Interweaves Past And Present, Providing Two Strands Of Tension For The Price Of One, And Further Enhancing Alan Banks S Reputation As One Of Crime Fiction S Most Appealing Cops Marcel Berlins, The Times PIECE OF MY HEART Brilliantly Evokes The Time Of British Psychedelia As Well As Being A Terrific Contemporary Crime NovelIndependent On Sunday Two Riveting, Equally Interesting Crime Novels In One What Takes It Into The Premier League, However, Is Robinson S Utterly Convincing And Moving Portrayal Of Chadwick And BanksTelegraphEach Time You Think You Re A Step Ahead Of The Author, Robinson Jumps In With A Jaw Dropping Twist

8 thoughts on “Piece of My Heart: DCI Banks 16

  1. Barb Dee Barb Dee says:

    There are two investigations running side by side in this book A girl s body is found at a pop concert in the 60s and and Detective Inspector Stanley Chadwick is in charge of finding the murderer Years later Detective Chief Inspector Banks also has a murder to investigate and it gradually becomes clear the two cases are linked For once I found the changing between the two cases worked well, normally I find it irritating but it seemed to work I enjoyed this book.

  2. Mel Lacey Mel Lacey says:

    Peter Robinson is now on my favourite authors list I did enjoy this story and the clever way it over lapsed with the past, but it didn t quite make five stars for me The reason is there were one or two places where very protracted conversations took place and dragged on for pages At these points, the author started to lose me Of course they are necessary, but not continuously for lots of pages at a time Great to see that Philip Gormley was one of Robinson s police advisors a very knowledgeable man.

  3. Ellie Nicholson Ellie Nicholson says:

    For me this book is probably the worst of the series up to this point The two stories running alongside each other are of course linked but the constant switching between the two didn t work for me and just drew out a not that interesting overall plot with a pretty weak ending As always the Banks Cabbot relationship was a strongpoint but for whatever reason I couldn t get any empathy with the 1969 characters particularly and the present day characters didn t turn this book into a page turner and make you want to read At about two thirds of the way through I just wanted to skip to the end and get onto the next one I m a great fan of the series but this one wasn t for me.

  4. Damaskcat Damaskcat says:

    Having read several very good books in this series which kept me up long past my bedtime because I just had to find out what happened, this one didn t seem as good to me I like a mixture of past and present cases but in this one there was something a bit lacklustre in the past case which meant it didn t really hold my attention I didn t particularly like the police characters and the victim seemed rather two dimensional so I didn t really care who had murdered her.That said I did enjoy reading it, just not as much as I have enjoyed previous books in the series The present day case was well done and interesting and climax of the case was very tense This was an entertaining read, but for me not as good and as gripping as previous episodes in the series.

  5. Mags Mags says:

    This was standard fare from Peter Robinson in plot terms so enjoyable, readable but not earth shattering but what made this one for me was the 60s element of the story I WAS Yvonne, the sixteen year old with a fascination for hippies and rock festivals and an annoying parental curfew Bands are mentioned in here that I had long forgotten, like Edgar Broughton and Blodwyn Pig who I saw on various Saturday nights at Imperial College London, which was one of the great venues at the time You can be assured that the clothes, music, dingy bedsits, joss sticks,drugs and shady music promoters in Soho my boyfriend was one are all completely authentic I was there Now I m a management consultant.

  6. Christopher Allen Christopher Allen says:

    Piece of My Heart is the 16th outing for DCI Alan Banks and is arguably the best yet.Peter Robinson succeeds in cleverly interweaving two murder investigations, one in the past, one in the present and further enhances his reputation as one of the best British crime writers, right up there with Ian Rankin and P D James.This is a expertly written and well crafted novel recommended.Chris Allen is a Technical Author and writer with the following books available through Reality Shaper The Quantum DetectiveParallel LifetimesThe Beam of Interest Taken by StormHypnotic Tales 2013 Some Light Some DarkCall of the Void The Strange Life and Times of a Confused Person 1

  7. Richard Ashley Richard Ashley says:

    I am someone who is still confused by the location of apostophes in words so I am not a nitpicker who scours books for the odd typo so that I can say Ah found a little error, that ll catch them out You might even find mistakes in this text but I am not a professional editor However having read over 30 pages of this book I was appalled by the obvious mistakes that had not been picked up Therefore for the rest of the book I counted the typos, misspelling etc There were 33 further obvious mistakes, this is a disgrace and made it hard to read the book as I had to keep rereading sections to see what was wrong The mistakes including garbled sentences, words missing, extra words and so many misspellings you would not believe it.The book itself is not the best in the series and was predictable Obviously the enjoyment was soured by the appalling editing proof reading Is this common with Kindle

  8. Hitchup Hitchup says:

    Peter Robinson is good at plots, but the 1960 to 2011 time slip didn t endear me to Piece of My Heart I was particularly irritated by his insistence on proving how thoroughly he had researched the music scene now and in the 1960s Banks walks into someone s living room and we get a great list of recently popular authors whose books line the walls a couple would have been enough to establish his credentials, but seven or eight I ask you.The same with music when we entered the 1960s list after list of rock groups I wanted the plot to move on I m 74 and may not be here to finish the book But no, then I was assailed by the song titles that these groups had recorded 40 50 years ago and it was a bit like reading a first thriller written by an obsessive list maker Finally, to prove he s a really discerning music lover, we are subjected to lists of classical and opera every time he gets into his Porsche and switches on his CD player.Being a local, I also spotted a couple of location errors in and around Leeds, and there were over 30 typos but now I m niggling ends