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This was a great read as usual with novelizations of movies, it both expanded upon and fully explained scenes from the movie as well as included scenes not included cut from the movie itself for reasons of length but which will be hopefully included in the uncut DVD release this fall. I watched the movie last year, now I m reading the book, then I ll watch the movie again.The nice thing about movie novelizations is that they include details that we often don t get a chance to see in the movie, or which the producers assume we d figure out on our own.We even get to hear the words that baby Kal El is thinking on Krypton and in the rocket, and get additional scenes or better understanding of some scenes For example, I don t remember young Clark s room having stars on the ceiling, nor do I remember returned Clark looking up at that ceiling, but the five year old Clark had actually arranged the stars on the ceiling in the constellation patterns as seen from Krypton, which Clark did not realize until he returned from his trip to Krypton Space.But in this particular novel, the book leaves out details that are in the movie There is nothing in the book about little Jason Lane having superpowers that are slowly developing, which is unfortunate I was looking forward to learning about that from the book.For those of you who love all the incarnations of Superman, check out where you will find many of the now public domain RADIO episodes of Superman from the 1940 s.John Following a mysterious absence of several years, the Man of Steel comes back to Earth in the epic action adventure Superman Returns, a soaring new chapter in the saga of one of the world s most beloved superheroes While an old enemy plots to render him powerless once and for all, Superman faces the heartbreaking realization that the woman he loves, Lois Lane, has moved on with her life Or has she Superman s bittersweet return challenges him to bridge the distance between them while finding a place in a society that has learned to live without him In an attempt to protect the world he loves from cataclysmic destruction, Superman embarks on an epic journey of redemption that takes him from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space Das Buch gibt die Handlung von Superman Returns ziemlich genau wieder Ich habe es recht schnell durchgelesen, da es sehr spannend und verst ndlich geschrieben ist.Es enth lt zus tzliche Szenen, die nicht im Film vorkamen, wie z.B am Anfang wird kurz auf das Leben von Superman s Eltern Jor El Lara auf Krypton eingegangen Weiters erf hrt man auch einiges ber Superman s Reise zu seinem Heimatplaneten oder was davon noch brig ist leider wurde die Szene ja aus dem Film gestrichen.Marv Wolfman hat die Story von Superman Returns meiner Meinung nach gro artig zu Papier gebracht Ein Muss f r jeden Superman Fan und alle, die es noch werden m chten. This is a great movie and book love it In this novel version by Marv Wolfman there is a lot that is covered that is not covered in the movie or shooting script versions For one, Superman s trip to Krypton is entirely covered, explaining why he went Also his origin on Krypton is covered thoroughly than it was even in the original Superman movie We get to know Jor El and Lara Superman s birth parents a lot better than ever before There are chapters covering all this before the book even gets to what is the beginning of the film Marv Wolfman is an amazing writer Sometimes comic book writers are not given their just due because comics can be judged on than just the story, everything has to click to make good comics story, art, coloring, editing etc In novel form, Marv impressed me with this version of Superman Returns While it is not perfect this book has a lot to it that adds to the story that is the movie So if you saw the movie and liked it, you would love this book Marv writes about Krypton, Jor El and Superman s travel to find his homeworld so descriptive that you can easily picture in your mind what it would have looked like added on to the movie version Very highly recommended, even so than the shooting script version This is better than the movie because it does not establish that the kid is Superman s son, it is Lois husband Unfortunately, this forces Lois to be the killer of her brute assailant using leverage This unabridged version gives all the characters back story, even the ones you already know all of their back story It retreads the same ground for those just starting to follow this franchise, so there, it drags It gives Luthor proper due It s revealed he was the one who baited Superman to go in search of Krypton where he was supposed to die Good audio, great for long car trips. I was hoping to get a few details than seen in the movie, but there s not much different here There s one significant departure, which I actually wish the movie would ve used. ok im not much of a reading girl, infact i avoide it when possible but to feed my obsession with the film i baugh the book the opaning page blew me away and i got stuck right into it what i really like about it is that it goes behind what the film didnt, e.g how his parents meet and his visit to Krypton it has really energetic parts wich make you read like theres no tommorrow and slow detailed parts wich let you get to know about the characters personel life i read it in just 3 days after i got back from school a word of advice though it greatly helps if youv achally seen the superman movies 1,2 and the new one 5 because its not to clear in places about whos speaking and when some of the scenes change its good in the way its writen each character writes there own bit so its as if one minuet its from clarks point of view then its lexis, jimmys, jor els ect and also through out it are little sperts of peoples thaughts in italics which sometimes are very funny its indepth then the films could reach except it can drag on in places and skip past things you wanted to last longer and what really suprised me was that it contained almost every detail thet was in he movie apart from the main issue i wont utter it here for fear of spoiling it for you but its to do with loises and him i dunno why he left it out cos thats the best bit but thats just my opinion xoxoxxx gd reading to ya all I purchased the novel yetserday and have not seen the movie yet I am a superman fan and imagined I could feed my interest and impatience for the movie s release by reading this novel The story is interesting and is pretty much what you see on the trailers The action is described to perfection but the main problem is that the writer is habitually self sabotaging He gives way too much information when it s not relevant, it slows the story down and a lot of it seems to be nispired form Smallville This novel is pulp, it s useless it constantly stresses Bryan s theme of Superman being a saviour but the writer does it to death I always thoguht superman loved what he did and enjoyed himself, not like Batman or the post teen angst ridden Spiderman The story itself also seems to do an injustice to Lois and Clark, making Lois uninterested in Clark and generally uninteresting The book drags and has not filled me with confidence for the film All in all a dissapointment.