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Malcolm Gladwell writes well, but his arguments are flawed For example, he truly believes the IAT is a valid test but it has been proven multiple times by top psychologists to be scientifically flawed and useless for practical purposes Take that out, and his argument falls apart. I bought the ebook version and found this book full of insightful experiences by the author to demonstrate how we should not be thinking things through to much We all spend our time analysing everything when we should learn to judge and pay attention our instinct and first impressions instead of dismissing them.Some very interesting examples to get you thinking about the blink reaction from different areas of the authors life and experiences It has certainly made me think and I ve found myself trusting my first thoughts often without having to re think things which alter our perceptions through over thinking I ve found myself googling many of the experients and tests he mentions in order rewatch them as many examples featured in a leadership workshop I went to.Definitely worth a read to expand the way we think. I managed to get half way through and then gave up I still don t know what it was about This was the second Gladwell book I read The arguments are a little subtle than Outliers, but just as compelling People have said that he labours the point in this book I disagree in fact, he presents both the positive and negative aspects of instinctive decision making almost equally As a result, we re left wondering when the right time is to trust our intuition This question is answered in the last chapter and afterword, which ties together the preceding anecdotes neatly Worth reading. This coherently and FACTUALLY identified how the human race and our unconscious minds form OPINIONS we then consider unquestionable TRUTHS, distort our behaviours That s a terribly formal portrayal of how we kid ourselves we re right and then ff up actions. Malcolm Gladwell is a compelling writer,Blink The Power of Thinking Without ThinkingBlink The Power of Thinking Without Thinkingusing a tried and tested technique a parable You tell a human interest story and learn from it along the way The problem with this book is that it faces in two directions simultaneously One direction is encouraging us to trust instinct, while the other is pointing that that instinct can be misleading Well, Malcolm, which is it I tend to feel it could be both but a chapter helping us understand how to temper instinct with reflection would have been handy. Intuition is not some magical property that arises unbidden from the depths of our mind It is a product of long hours and intelligent design, of meaningful work environments, and particular rules and principles This audiobook shows us how we can hone our instinctive ability to know in an instant, helping us to bring out the best in our thinking and become better decision makers in our homes, offices, and in everyday life Just as he did with his revolutionary theory of the tipping point, Gladwell reveals how the power of blink could fundamentally transform our relationships the way we consume, create and communicate, how we run our businesses, and even our societies You ll never think about thinking in the same way again