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Dan Dare, Dan Dare Can he and his faithful sidekick Digby save the Earth from invasion Can they defeat the evil Mekon and his Treens, armed with nothing but a stiff upper lip and a good ol British uppercut to the jaw Of course they can, who are you kidding Seriously though and all kidding aside, I was marginally too young to read the Eagle from the very beginning, coming in somewhere just before Operation Saturn For years, having missed the start of the series was like a toothache and in the 1980s I even went to the British Library and tried to find the original comics I was told they d been stolen The young librarian who couldn t even have been born when they appeared was as indignant as I was They re part of our heritage he said.And so they are indeed When I found that Titan Books were reissuing the whole series and got my hands on the first this one, I almost sobbed with joy.Time dulls the appeal of many things I listen now to songs I raved about as a teenager and think Did I really like that But Dan Dare remains as fresh as ever Only now as an adult can I appreciate the extent of the intelligence and creativity, both literary and artistic, that went into the stories Indeed, the Mekon is one of those wonderful characters whom, like Gollum, no one ever forgets.So unless like St Paul you have put away all childish things, I cannot recommend this series to you too heartily may it give you as much pleasure as it has me.So far it consists of Voyage to Venus Part 1 Voyage to Venus Part 2 The Red Moon MysteryMarooned on MercuryOperation Saturn Part 1 Operation Saturn Part 2 Prisoners of SpaceThe Man from NowhereRogue PlanetReign of the RobotsThe Phantom FleetSafari in SpaceTrip to Trouble Dan Dare was created in 1950 in Great Britain at a time when that country was in the throes of depression and there was emerging a public consciousness that the country would not ever be the same after the tribulations of the Second World War For small boys at that time girls did not read, or at least did not admit to reading, comics depicting space travel Dan Dare, published in the Eagle comic, was the epitome of all that was good about the past, honour, courage and brains, but was also creating a future which was bright, colourful, inviting and beckoning, unlike the drabness of the present Americans would have been raised on the super heroes of the the 1930s and 1940s, but in Britain the Eagle, and especially Dan Dare, was the future and the expression of the hope that things would get better It is difficult to create a realisation or understanding of what it was like to experience an expansion of consciousness based upon something so simple as a weekly comic strip, but Dan Dare did it for me and countless others of my generation Not only the quality of the art work and the nature of the scientific concepts depicted in the comic was important and it surely was very important but there was a representation of concepts of justice and world order The invasion of Venus was carried out by the United Nations, with command being held by soldiers from the Indian sub continent, there had been an abolition of nuclear weapons, reparations were not to be imposed and so it went on These ideas, represented in a common and not elite culture were transforming for boys changing their understanding of the experiences and hopes of their parents, who had gone through war and depression for the better part of the century There have been countless analyses of the cultural impact of the depiction of comic books on the representation of social consciousness in the United States I have yet to come across anything which has done something similar for the impact of the Eagle and Dan Dare on the thinking and the future development of children in Britain and Europe Read this book and try to enter the minds of pre teenagers in the middle of the century of the War of the World Ferguson The contemporary reader may feel the experience to be naive and superficial But the readers at the time had their world transformed And that must be something to be proud of as a publisher and an author, and especially the graphic artist, Frank Hampson, sadly little remembered and honoured in his own country. Like the reviewer Jet Morgan I was disappointed that there was no part 2, however what we have I love to bits Radio Luxembourg were the first to dramatise Dan Dare, but those recordings apparently no longer exist so there s no possibility of them surfacing on DVD.Then in 1990 the BBC produced a 4 part dramatisation of Voyage to Venus , which was an attempt to make Dan Dare realistic and slightly updated It was faithful to the comic, but the mission logs and update made it feel cold.And now we have this from Orion When I looked at the cover it said read by and I thought, uh oh But then I started listening to it.Okay, it doesn t have the same production standards of the BBC or Big Finish or even Noise Monster but it does feel like a retro production, and that is a big plus The small cast make up for it was pitch perfect performances and create just the right atmosphere There are no concessions to modern slang or military jargon everything is as it was originally written in 1950.If I have one complaint it s the Treen voices In the BBC version they were pitched too high for me they weren t how I imagined them to sound Here they sound mechanical bit weird for reptiles.Finally, as a fan of classic Doctor Who it is so easy to see where Terry Nation got his ideas for that very first Dalek story In that you have a planet with two races at war one peaceful and handsome, the other ugly and warlike The Treen are the emotionless scientific geniuses that would become the Daleks, while the Therons, blonde, tall and peaceful would become the Thals.And did the Mekon become Davros in Genesis of the Daleks For the production I give it a full 5 stars for not doing part 2, nil points Many kids and their parents who lived in Britain in the 50s 60s will have fond memories of Eagle and the various comic strips appearing every week in this boys magazine Dan Dare was one of the headliners and the front page feature for many years, and was very well drawn in full colour The art work probably reached its pinacle in Rogue Planet a few years later, but these earliest adventures featuring the evil Mekon are still worth owning if you like the genre Previous re issues have been less complete and far expensive. Excellent vehicle to take me back to age 8 in England in 1950 This adventure in the Eagle comic saved me from boredom and introduced me to hope.hope that really was hard to come by in a time of recovery from WWII, still surrounded by the ruins of war In a future world,Dan Dare and his Side kick, Digby, are trying to find a solution to the Earths food shortage by exploring Venus It presents a time when all armies are disbanded, all nations work together in peace, and introduces us all to space travel The story is well written and filled with suspense The villain ,the Mekon, is unforgettably evil It is one of 2 volumes that make up the first adventure The art work and storyline by Frank Hampson are still very much alive and well Highly recommended to the comic book, illustrated novel and Sci Fi fan.Classic Dan Dare Voyage to Venus, Part 1 From the pages of the seminal British boys adventure comic, The Eagle, comes the legendary Dan Dare Pilot of the Future, created by Frank HampsonFor the first time on audio, this thrilling debut volume comes to life with a talented cast and full sound effects Dan Dare Pilot of the Future was incarnated in the s and was truly original in the world of comics Nothing like it had ever been seen before It was distinguished by its long complex story lines, snappy dialogue and outstanding artwork Remember The Mekon, Digby, Sir Hubert, Prof Peabody, Hank, Pierre, Sondar and Volstar Here they all are, jetting off on a thrilling journey that would be told for decades to comeThis first story, Voyage to Venus, sets the scene Having arrived on Venus in the spaceship Ranger, Dan and Digby set out to find new resources to feed a starving Earth, but they are suddenly captured and taken to Mekonta, the capital of the Northern Hemisphere of Venus, and home of the Treens, the humourless scientific automations who rule the northern half of the mystery planetThere, we meet the evil Mekon, leader of the Treens, and Sondar, who would become one of the good Treens A deadly battle commences with Dan Dare and his crew eventually escaping back to Earth But he is determined to return to VenusTo be continued