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It is almost Halloween in the sleepy New England town of Blackwood Falls Paper skeletons hang in windows and carved pumpkins leer from porches The Doctor and Martha soon discover that this will be no ordinary Halloween What is the secret of the ancient tree and the book discovered tangled in its roots What rises from the local churchyard at night, sealing up the lips of the only witness Why are the harmless trappings of Halloween taking on a creepy new life of their own As nightmarish creatures prowl the streets, the Doctor and Martha must battle to prevent both the townspeople and themselves from suffering a grisly fate Featuring the Doctor and Martha as played by David Tennant and Freema Agyeman in the hit series from BBC Television, the story is read by Will Thorp, who played Toby Zed in the TV episodes The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit

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  1. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I loved this book It sent shivers down my spine at times and made me want to hide behind the sofa The writer has got David Tennant s doctor to preparation and he has got Martha s spirit and bravery just right.The book is set in a town known as Blackwood Falls and it is the day before Halloween The tardis lands and find the town enveloped in a strange green mist, they soon learn a book has been dug up and creatures from the past have been awakened Strange and magical events happen Only the Doctor and Martha Jones can save the town, which they manage to do through the Doctor s cleverness I would recommend this book to all Tenth doctor fan I will end by quoting The Doctor himself, by the pricking of my thumb something wicked this way comes.

  2. Julie Taylor Julie Taylor says:

    Interesting, funny moments and just a good story Definitely recommend for anyone who loves listening to Dr Who whilst doing the washing up

  3. Monitor Monitor says:

    Will Thorp gets David Tenants voice to a T.Very enjoyable.Great story too.

  4. E1231 E1231 says:

    This book was a very interesting book It was a very good read and I loved it

  5. whoviantennantite whoviantennantite says:

    One of my favourites, a great read for any fan

  6. lyrablaze28 lyrablaze28 says:

    Excellent condition, I am really happy with it and can t wait to read.

  7. Matthew Matthew says:

    Got to love a bit of Dr Who audio

  8. David Lewis David Lewis says:

    Very happy.

  9. KarToon12 KarToon12 says:

    Ever since the relaunch in 2005, I ve been a fan of Doctor Who and have later gone back to watch the classic series as well And when I discovered there were a ton of novels based on the show as well, I knew I had to check them out All of them have different writers, and all of them vary in degrees of quality But all of them still capture the spirit of the show playing out like actual episodes, while being able to utilize things that would be extremely difficult to create on the show in terms of special effects.Taking place during the time of the Tenth Doctor, he and his companion, Martha, arrive in an American, small town community called Blackwood Falls a town that s famous for its yearly Halloween festival But our heroes soon find themselves knee deep in trouble when they discover that a group of kids dug up a mysterious book from an old tree that s creeped out the neighbors for years But the book is no ordinary book, and the tree is no ordinary tree..and the town just may be sitting on top of something very ancient and evil.and not of this world.something that just might turn the festivities into the most memorable and deadly Halloween ever.These books are pretty much just for fans of Doctor Who, as there s plenty of references to various episodes of the show, so the writing pretty much expects you to already know who the Doctor and Martha are, what the TARDIS is, and so on These books pretty much play out like a professionally published fan fiction, and the Doctor behaves and sounds like he would on the show proper However, I find it a bit tricky to give a review for something that s just okay This isn t a bad story by any means.but neither is it particularly stellar.Getting the good out of the way, all the side characters are enjoyable to be with The main group of kids who accidentally unleash the monster of the week all act like real kids and don t dissolve into being annoying And they make plenty of comic book and movie references that got a few chuckles out of me Etta, an old woman who s believed to be a witch by some of the kids, is actually just an eccentric loner who takes all the alien weirdness in stride, and becomes a big help in saving the town And the villains of the piece, the Hervoken, are an effectively creepy set of aliens with an interesting backstory, and have technology akin to magic.But in spite of all the above praise, the story as a whole just comes off as a by the numbers Who adventure This is taking place early in Martha s tenure as a companion, and as such, the Doctor is still getting over the loss of Rose Multiple times, he s than a bit rude to Martha, and she, for her part, isn t given much to do except run from scary stuff and constantly ask what s going on She gets one stand out moment in the last third of the book, but that s about it In fact, much of the plot is just the characters running away from monsters and possessed Halloween decorations, and TWICE the heroes get kidnapped and taken to the Hervoken s lair both times escaping without really accomplishing anything to further the plot Eventually, the whole story turns into your basic aliens want to take over the world but are stopped in the last five minutes thanks to the Doctor using the MacGuffin to reverse the polarity and make everything blow up Thankfully, what saves this bog standard plot is the setting itself With all the spooky holiday trappings and the build up to the town s autumn festival, there s no shortage of Halloween atmosphere permeating throughout the whole book.So in the end, I m square in the middle on this one It s nothing amazing, but it s not bad either It almost reads like a Goosebumps novel, but with the Doctor thrown in For Who fans, it s worth at least one read through, and even with its faults, it s a PERFECT story to read on Halloween.

  10. dh dh says:

    What I loved about this Doctor Who book was the mix of the familiar and the creepy a small New England town, carved pumpkins on porches, a group of friends looking forward to trick or treating and the all important costume choice, an encompassing mist, a Poltergeist like tree, an ancient tome, an overgrown cemetery, an old cat lady, and a villain not so far removed from our childhood imaginations on Halloween A hidden underground race think terrifying twist on Jack Skellington controlling people and objects with psychic incantations seemed supernatural than classic Doctor Who aliens and, given that it was Halloween, that was fine by me Enchanting and delightful with some truly scary elements.

  11. Holly Quinn Holly Quinn says:

    First, although certainly fans of all ages can enjoy this book, don t expect it to be an adult level novel it s a kid s book, geared toward middle school readers Most of the central characters other than the Doctor and his companion Martha are around 12 years old For older fans, it s a quick, fun Halloween read that stays true to the characters and features giant Jack o Lantern like villains and other creepies in modern day small town America Recommended for young DW fans, lovers of Halloween, fans of the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones fans.

  12. M. Fitzgerald M. Fitzgerald says:

    Entertaining book Martha and Ten are in pretty good form only one little moment made me think that was ooc It s funny readin one set in America because they get some American details wrong or at least there s some sayings and things used I ve never heard before Over all cute book, fun little read

  13. The 10th Doctor The 10th Doctor says:

    I thought this was a really fun read The Doctor and Martha were at there best The characters from the town were well rounded and the bad guys were awesome.