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The time six months prior to the launch of the USS EnterpriseB and the tragic loss of Captain James T Kirk in deep space The place Earth, where the galaxy s most renowned hero must face the spectre of retirement But Kirk s path takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious woman offers him an irresistible adventure a voyage to an uncharted planet where he will confront the ultimate threat to the peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and the ultimate temptation a chance to recapture his youth This is another example of Mr Shatner doing what he does well, taking the universe we know him for and putting his personal spin on how he see Kirk developing past the TV and Movies The story is bigger, the personalities are very credible The story is set six months prior to the launch of the Enterprise B Generations movie and Kirk s adventure with a mysterious young woman quote from blurb.The story takes twists and turns never seen on the screen its a damn good adventure and worth reading Then you can start of the books that followed this one. This is one of a set of three books by William Shatner, for any Star Trek fan I would recommend these as a must read Good read