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This book will appeal to foodies those who are deprived of cookbooks in the audio format Molecular Gastronomy documents the sensory phenomena of eating and uses basic physics to put to bed many culinary myths This audiobook presents pieces conventional wisdom such as whether it is better to make a stock by placing meat in already boiling water, or water before it is boiled and gives its history before making scientific pronouncements Most of the discussions revolve around common practices and phenomenon chilling wine, why spices are spicy, how to best cool a hot drink This experimentation is not just for the mildly curious, but readers unafraid to microwave mayonnaise will find many ideas here

7 thoughts on “Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor (Audio Download): Herve This, Dennis Holland, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Jordan Jordan says:

    I quite enjoyed this book but I found it a bit frustrating that it seemed to be predominantly composed of questions about food and cooking that were never really answered it offered up a lot to think about, but if you re hoping you can flick through this book alone and learn a bunch of new stuff then you ll likely be disappointed.It was well written though and an enjoyable read I also enjoyed that it was comprised of lots of short mostly 3 page chapters which meant that you could pick it up and read a complete chapter whenever you had a spare minute.

  2. R. Brown R. Brown says:

    The instructions in cookery books are based on little than I tried this and it was nice, or that and it failed They are imprecise, sometimes wrong, and without explanation of cause This is different, and attempts to understand, explain and define some processes scientifically As a non scientist, I failed to understand parts of it, but most chapters contained a some explanations and conclusions I found very interesting and potentially useful for a cook, and could place far confidence in them than in most other books on cooking.If you are seeking a cook book this is not for you If you want to understand some of the processes involved and gain some useful tips buy it you will learn and enjoy but if you are not a scientist you may want to skim and read selectivly.

  3. Eagle Eye Eagle Eye says:

    Herv This is a Great Man and I wish I could practice something on food with him even for half dayWho knows His approach inspires people I never would have expected a senior gastronomer like him talking in a video about love trasmitted through the creation of dishes you would expect him to talk all the way scientifically C est la differance This book is a nice approach to him and his works I would probably love working with himbut only because I m practical person.

  4. Monica Monica says:

    Super concentrate and full of informations This is a no picture book with chapters and chapters of useful knowledge put down in a very simple way

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Nice facts for me studying for my Food Engineering degree I actually used part of it for my presentation If you are looking for recipes it isn t for you

  6. H M Franklin Murphy H M Franklin Murphy says:

    Bought this used and I am very happy with it As a food technologist and product development specialist, I find it an enjoyable and interesting reference text and also for the odd moment of reading A keeper.

  7. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I learnt a lot from this book it challenges you why how foods tastes different when being prepared in the kitchen