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On the death of his son, Sir Harry Hotspur had determined to give his property to his daughter Emily She is beautiful and as strong willed and high principled as her father Then she falls in love with the black sheep of the family

5 thoughts on “Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Anthony Trollope, Tony Britton, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks

  1. The Keen Reader The Keen Reader says:

    This is a Trollope novel which has long been missing from my collection some of Trollope s books seem to be hard to get hold of But at last I have managed to get a nice copy and was eager to dive into it.I love Anthony Trollope s world that he writes of it is a world of real people in their time who love, suffer, wonder, and deal with the things of their everyday life And it is always these things that Trollope writes of so well The insights into the characters are all in Trollope s novels action is minimal emotion, thought, contemplation and then acting on decisions made within their respective social worlds are what these novels are about There are scandals, misalliances, and love stories all beautifully characterised, and all beautifully written.In this story Sir Harry Hotspur is endeavouring to find a solution to the disposal of his wealth after his death something that has only needed to be done in Sir Harry s old age because of the death of his only son The dilemma he faces revolves around family, blood ties, and the wellbeing of his daughter.This is quite a short book by Trollope standards only about 220 pages But the story is well paced and well crafted, although it does seem to end with a bit of a jolt Slightly surprising ending all round, which is always a bonus.Highly recommended.

  2. Madame M de C Madame M de C says:

    Most readable like all Trollope s novels, but nevertheless a minor work Nothing is unexpected, neither as regards the unfolding of the intrigue nor as regards the characters themselves who are all almost stereotypes.

  3. f f says:

    Although some of the characters were irritating I greatly enjoyed the portrayal of them and the use of vocabulary.

  4. Dennis Talbot Dennis Talbot says:

    It s Anthony Trollope what is there that needs to be said A great writer who deserves a much wider audience.

  5. Ian K Bleasdale Ian K Bleasdale says:

    A tad disappointing, compared with the other Trollope novels I have read The plot becomes so obvious in places that the fun in finding the ending is almost dissipated.