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Noin Best Educational Books for Secondary School Kids The Mirror, AprilAn excellent world atlas Very illuminating, good colours, clear textsgood glossary and, last but not least, up to datecustomer review The ideal school atlas for Key Stagepupils, years oldpages in total updated forspecifically to meet curriculum needspage UK and Ireland sectionpage world section Published in association with the Royal Geographical Society Philip s Essential School Atlas has been specially created for lower secondary geography students year olds It is ideal for work leading up to GCSE England and Wales National Curriculum Key Stage , and Scotland s National Qualifications The maps have been carefully designed so they are uncluttered and easy to read, containing specially selected place names and detail A clear set of symbols and scale information accompanies each map and there is a useful introductory section covering basic atlas skills, including aerial photographs and satellite images to further explain particular features on the maps Fully up to date, the atlas comprises apage UK and Ireland section and apage World section Detailed regional maps, charts and satellite images of Europe, Italy, the Middle East, China, Japan, Kenya, USA, Brazil, and the Arctic and Antarctica are included, focusing on areas of special interest for students of geography, such as Japan s volcanoes and earthquakes, conservation in Kenya, and water supply in the USA Philip s Essential School Atlas is ideal for special project work, featuring an informative section of world thematic maps on the environment, climate change, people, quality of life, and energy Latitude and longitude co ordinates are included in the index, alongside figure letter references

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