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The first man and woman are lonely What to do They decide to fashion children out of clay As they are baking the little figures in their fire, they re constantly interrupted by visits from the sky god, Nyame As a result, some of the children are pale and underdone, some are left in so long that they come out very dark, and the rest are every shade between Fran Lessac s gorgeous gouache paintings, inspired by West African masks and pottery, and Eric Maddern s vivid text make this one of the most compelling of creation myths for young readersIC MADDERN studied sociology and psychology at Sheffield University, then spentyears travelling around the world He now performs all over the country as a storyteller and folk singer, and he has built a roundhouse in the grounds of his home, where he holds storytelling events He lives in Gwnyedd, Wales Eric s books for Frances Lincoln are Death in a Nut, Nail Soup, Cow on the Roof, Earth Story and Life Story, Fire Children, The King with Horse s Ears, Spirit of the Forest, Rainbow Bird, The King and the Seed and Curious Clownfish FRAN LESSAC is an internationally known American artist who has exhibited her paintings in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles From film school in California she went on to study Caribbean culture on the island of Monserrat She has illustrated overbooks for children spanInshe was awarded The Muriel Barwell Award for Distinguished Service to Children s Literature Fran lives in Fremantle, Australia span