Prime The Great Snake: Stories from the AmazonAuthor Sean Taylor –

As the Rio Afu ferry twists its way along the , Sean Taylor breathes in not only stories from local people he meets, but also the rich smells, sights and sounds of the extraordinary landscape From trickster jaguars and the slowest of sloths to spine tingling giant serpents and white suited river strangers, his retellings teem with legendary beings, vivid colours, down to earth comedy and the mysteries of the rainforest, revealing people s beliefs along with their way of life Dramatic illustrations, together with notes and a glossary, combine to make this a very special collection, filling a gap in the market for collections from South America

3 thoughts on “The Great Snake: Stories from the Amazon

  1. The Lone Librarian The Lone Librarian says:

    in that it s illustrated in such a way as to appeal to the adults paying for the book than the children who are supposed to be reading it In this case the very bright, vibrant colours get to be a bit wearing after a while and the text is a curious mix of personal notes from a journey down the and folk tales picked up along the way, neither of which, from what I ve seen, are of great interest to children There are one or two stories here that are quite nice and one or two that are frankly rather dull and the overall impression is one of a book which is very well intentioned rather than well thought through.

  2. bex bex says:

    Super book with fantastic stories that all the children have loved in my class, would highly recommend this to any teachers doing a rainforest topic

  3. J. Dutton J. Dutton says:

    I bought this book to read to my year 3 class 7 8 years old to support our work on the rainforest They loved it and so did I The stories are by turns sad, funny, thought provoking The diary entries are evocative and the illustrations are simply beautiful.