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A slightly different story Better for children from about 5 so my 3 year old granddaughter will have to wait before we read it. The first man and woman are lonely What to do They decide to fashion children out of clay As they are baking the little figures in their fire, they re constantly interrupted by visits from the sky god, Nyame As a result, some of the children are pale and underdone, some are left in so long that they come out very dark, and the rest are every shade between Fran Lessac s gorgeous gouache paintings, inspired by West African masks and pottery, and Eric Maddern s vivid text make this one of the most compelling of creation myths for young readers This is a stunning book The story is simply and beautifully told and the illustrations are perfect This story provoked lots of discussion with my grandchildren and I know we will return to it many times. Horrible estory book full of racisme It poison to a child mind.Teaching that Black people are black because they was over cooked.I want my money back I have to rate 1 star to submite my review, no good. This is a superb book, it captures the attention of the reader through the illustrations and the theme of the story I used it as a hook to begin art week with my year 1 class It opens up many opportunities for art and design such as exploring repeated patterns, designing and making masks, chalk backdrops, collage felt animals and clay moulding Alongside this you can easily thread through writing activities and PSHE discussions Also the delivery service and condition of the book was excellent I would highly recommend this book. If you are looking for a text to start off your P4C lessons use this A lovely sensitive story and one that gets the children talking Also worth trying Pete the Cat This was a real hit in our school for P4C and for all ages Good for thinking skills. Beautiful creation story with links to outdoor learning and clay modelling. This book was mentioned to me by a retiring head teacher.It was used by her many years ago in London.I found it still existed and bought it as a present A blast from the past Fantastic. Absolutely fabulous folktale about why we are all different Some might find the reference to being cooked in a fire offensive, but it needs to be understood in the context of a folktale A must read for my racially diverse preschool class of 4 s and 5 s every year A special book My children ask for it to be read again and again There is no better recommendation than that Excellent