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The Jolly Phonics Wall Frieze shows all of theletter soundsThe seven sections can be displayed individually or together to create a colourful display Each section can also be cut up into individual letter sounds and used separately Ideal for reinforcing the letter sounds Total length m

13 thoughts on “Jolly Phonics Wall Frieze: In Print Letters

  1. MRS B L PAGE MRS B L PAGE says:

    This is a wonderful product for teaching under 5s letter recognition It also helps to encourage them to learn the phonic sounds that match each letter.

  2. enza enza says:

    Ie ie sound for a sailorshould it not be aye aye

  3. Sandy Sandy says:

    My son uses these at school I wish I had known earlier Helpful to have at home to help keep up to speed if your little n needs a little reminding as my son does

  4. Ms R. Mcaleer Ms R. Mcaleer says:

    Very limited too few sounds are included in pack Thought it would include all or most of basic sounds of alphabet Not adhesive or easy to display Sorry I bought these.

  5. LR LR says:

    Arrives in sections but can be cut individuallyI Laminated mine so they last longer

  6. Nadine Nadine says:

    Great for my classroom thank you

  7. NoOneGem NoOneGem says:

    Lovely large colourful wall frieze It helps my son to carry on learning his phonics at home He enjoys looking at the pictures and saying the sounds before bed.

  8. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Perfect for helping young children with phonics

  9. Customer Customer says:

    These are very flimsy and light like paper i thought for the price I was getting wall letters of heavy weight paper for longer use.

  10. Customer Customer says:

    Awesome my son loves the jolly phonics and loved these they came in sheets of 6 or 7 squares so we went as a border def worth it for a jolly phonics lover

  11. Aliesha T. Aliesha T. says:

    Loved size Perfect for bulletin board and visuals around classroom

  12. Customer Customer says:

    Excellent learning tool My 15 month old grandson already knows first 3 sounds.

  13. Heather Haughian Heather Haughian says:

    The only thing I might do differently is separate the letters c and k, even though they make the same sound I think there should be a frieze for each.