Read ✓ The Dark Side of the Mind: True Stories from My Life as a Forensic Psychologist By Kerry Daynes –

it s as simple as this folks.Go and buy this book.Il give nothing away on what has been written in this book ,so no spoilers from me Highly reccomended ,enthralling book to read. Enthralling And Terrifying The Dark Side Of The Mind Is A Chilling Glimpse Into A World Of Miscreants, Monsters And The Misunderstood Professor Dame Sue Black, Author Of The Sunday Times Bestseller All That Remains Kerry Daynes Delves Into The Minds Of Psychopaths In A Fascinating Memoir Katya Edwards, Daily Mail Daynes Offers Fascinating Insights Into What Makes Criminals Tick And How They Might Be Effectively Treated Her Book Is Funny, Wise And Thoroughly Gripping Jake Kerridge, Writer And Critic Grimly Fascinating A Timely And Gripping Exploration Of Mental Health Issues In The Criminal Justice System From An Author Intimately Acquainted With Its Dark Heart Harriet Tyce, Author Of Blood Orange Kerry Daynes Writes With Knowledgeable Insight On A Side Of People And The Criminal System That Purports To Treat Them That Many Would Prefer To Leave Alone The Humour And Psychological Skills That Have Enabled Her Survival Shine Through Jessica Fellowes, Author Of The Mitford Murders Welcome To The World Of The Forensic Psychologist, Where The People You Meet Are Wildly Unpredictable And Often Frightening The Job To Delve Into The Psyche Of Convicted Men And Women To Try To Understand What Lies Behind Their Often Brutal Actions Follow In The Footsteps Of Kerry Daynes, One Of The Most Sought After Forensic Psychologists In The Business And Consultant On Major Police Investigations Kerry S Job Has Taken Her To The Cells Of Maximum Security Prisons, Police Interview Rooms, The Wards Of Secure Hospitals And The Witness Box Of The Court Room Her Work Has Helped Solve A Cold Case, Convict The Guilty And Prevent A Vicious Attack Spending Every Moment Of Your Life Staring Into The Darker Side Of Life Comes With A Price Kerry S Frank Memoir Gives An Unforgettable Insight Into The Personal And Professional Dangers In Store For A Female Psychologist Working With Some Of The Most Disturbing Men And WomenIf You EnjoyedUnnatural Causes, When The Dogs Don T Bark AndPrison Doctor You Ll Love Kerry S Gripping Account Of Her Experience As A Forensic Psychologist I have always been interested in the psychology of people, the what makes them tick I ve always wanted to know what s going on inside somebody s mind, and this book helped me to understand.It was interesting, very personal at times, traumatic for the author I m sure.It also showed how much still needs to be done in institutions, in law and in Government.Kerry wrote a very interesting book, I finished it in a day A very boring read, I couldn t even finish it I was that fed up It would have been great to get in to the minds of the criminals rather than just keep hearing about the author A very dull read and disappointed after having such high expectations for it. This book made me cry, laugh, think pick my chin up off the floor usually all within the same chapter The author is refreshingly, brutally honest, not only about her professional cases, opinions career, but also her personal life all aspects covered are equally gripping The writing style is accessible, with appropriate humour alongside the heart wrenching true life stories, a fascinating insight from the author on the psychology industry the criminal legal systems affecting both criminals the work of the forensic psychologists who assess them I really can t praise this book highly enough This book is enthralling from start to finish It s an absolute must read for anyone considering going into the forensic side of psychology Some of the tales that Kerry recounts are harrowing and made me ask questions of the the society we live in This book has definitely highlighted ways in which the justice system and support for offenders can and should be better I really enjoyed reading this. It s not often I can call a non fiction book unputdownable, but I loved this so much it was really hard not to race through it in one sitting late into the night Instead I rationed myself so that I could eke out the pleasure I d normally only do this with a great fiction novel I was enjoying.Kerry Daynes has approached her subject with exactly the right tone The book is full of fascinating anecdotes from her career in forensic psychology, all of which reflect different aspects of the human psyche and her work in the criminal justice system There s a liberal sprinkling of background statistics and both procedural and legal information, all of which add weight and interest The story of her career is intermingled with struggles in her personal life where she has herself come face to face with the darker side of the human mind, plus her efforts to come to terms with the thoughts and behaviour of the clients she is exposed to and the inadequacies of the UK prison and medical system to properly deal with those clients Throughout, her warm Northern wit, intelligence, professionalism and care is evident.A fabulous read I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is at all interested by the workings of our human mind. I wasn t surprised that this was a engrossing reflection on 2 dedicated decades as a forensic pathologist What surprised me though, was how skilfully the author interwove her personal feelings with regard to her expertise Forensics can be an arid craft but people, especially the damaged, are generally anything but Any sentient professional cannot review such disturbing experiences without emotional cost but I am glad that the author is willing to share such candour as the reader is much better for it I salute you, Kerry Daynes As well as being an expert forensic psychologist you are a damn good writer.