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TO KNOW THE TRUE STORY BEHIND A WAR, ASK THE PEOPLE WHO FOUGHT ITAn Observation Van Is Running Surveillance On A High Level Bradford Gangster Suddenly The Van Is Surrounded By Men In Balaclavas And Tied Shut Out Comes The Can Of Petrol It Is Set Alight And The Two Cops Inside Barely Escape With Their Lives This Incident Is Never Reported The Gangsters Clearly Have Informants Inside The Police And Alerting The Public Would Undermine The Force Everyone Shrugs It Off With So Much Money In The Drugs Game, Corruption Is Part And Parcel Of The Whole Deal The Drug Wars Have Been Fought On British Streets For Decades, Bringing Destruction, Corruption And Violence In Their Wake Yet It Is A Story That Remains Fundamentally Untold Until Now In This Groundbreaking Book, Former Undercover Police Officer Neil Woods, Who Risked His Life Infiltrating Some Of The UK S Most Vicious Gangs, Pieces Together The Complex And Terrifying Reality Of The Drug War In Britain Calling Upon Gripping First Hand Accounts From Those On Both Sides Of The Battle, Drug Wars Is Told By Those Who Are Fighting It

8 thoughts on “Drug Wars: The terrifying inside story of Britain’s drug trade

  1. Liselemon Liselemon says:

    Regardless whether you are fully immersed or simply an observer of our drug fuelled culture here in Great Britain, you are affected by the war on drugs This book takes you on a journey into the reasons why we are fighting in such an uncompromising, relentless and futile battle The empirical and observational evidence that this book cleverly offers is surely enough for us to attempt to change such absurd draconian measures I was already against prohibition prior to reading this book this sentiment reinforced by reading Neil Woods first book, Good Cop, Bad War , Drug Wars has given me a deeper understanding of the origins of the war against drugs, how it changes and adapts and a further incentive to keep lobbying for change Regardless of your background, experience or attitude towards this subject, it influences your daily life, from the dangers that face our children to the fact that your favourite high street shop has to inflate its prices in order to recompensate for their daily shop lifting tally Let s hope that the Home Office have a few copies put under their noses This book should be a catalyst for change.

  2. David Rietti David Rietti says:

    In this fascinating book the drugs war is seen from the viewpoint of a former undercover cop Allowing that every sentient being in the universe has its own agenda, mostly justifying itself to itself and third parties, the author achieves a good deal of distance to his subject, in a good sense of distance An insight in a world that most of us, though far too many of us will never experience.

  3. I. M. Rhodes I. M. Rhodes says:

    Despite 30 years with the Met all of it front line including Brixton this book explains what I always suspected about the drug problem It is well written and very engaging I couldn t put it down Well hardly

  4. J. Smith J. Smith says:

    The history around the multiple British drug scene is incredibly fascinating and the knee jerk reaction by the governments over the years has lead us to where we are at today.An incredible insight and probably the best book I ve ever read great work Neil and JS Thank you both for completely shifting my train of thought towards how I see users and how we can all do this better by sticking to the British values that have clearly stood the test of time.

  5. Tambok Tambok says:

    My book of the year so far, Drug Wars is an in depth look at the so called War on Drugs and why it has been completely counter productive The authors tell us the history of drug addiction and related crime in this country complete with first hand narrative from many of those involved and where it all went terribly wrong Those they talk to are very honest and it s sobering to hear hardened and very violent criminals worried about the direction society is heading in today Just as worrying are the revelations about just how corrupt some police forces are today with some Met officers still colluding with hard core villains, something supposedly stamped out decades ago.As well as a history lesson the authors offer their solution I have to admit to previously thinking that those advocating the de criminalising of drugs were overly liberal lunatics but this book has changed my mind Whether you agree with the authors on this point or not this is a very important book that shows the effect illegal narcotics on society as a whole and the ham fisted and incompetent way our glorious leaders have made the problem much worse There are also dishonorable mentions of occasions that our disgraceful tabloid press have affected government policy with outright lies.Drug Wars is a very important book, an eye opener and shocking on many levels, highly recommended.

  6. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    An incredible piece of work which in a just world would force policy change on its own But this isn t a just world, and Neil Woods and JS Rafaeli have produced one of the most remarkable and gripping accounts of exactly why at least when it comes to drug policy.

  7. TCP TCP says:

    This is really interesting, the history of how drugs have developed in the UK over the last 50 years Great UK history and the style of writing is really good Beat my expectation much better than expected real history not some simple true crime genre book.

  8. Mr. M. Sullivan Mr. M. Sullivan says:

    I raced through this genuine page turner of a book and learned an awful lot as I did so Frightening without scare stories, this is well researched and a huge broadside at the uninformed who argue against the evidence provided by their own policies.