[[ Free Best ]] Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords and Their GodfathersAuthor Anabel Hernández – Entrecielos.co

Beautifully written Deeply documented Frightening and disturbing A must.Thanks Mrs Hernandez for your courage and bravery.Is there hope for Mexico Too many names in the book to remember throughout Very Happy A This isn t an easy book to read, although it might be if you re Mexican, or know the country intimately, in which case many of the characters would be known to you.However it is well written, not badly written as many reviewers here and on.com have claimed It is however written in a style which perhaps owes something to the Spanish language or way of speaking, and it takes a little while to get into the swing of it However if you can t handle that you re never going to get anything from a serious book anyway.In fact this is a careful, comprehensive and very carefully put together history of the drug business in Mexico, with its connections to many other Central and South American countries, and also of course the good old USA, with a starring, perhaps even leading role for the CIA.Having said all that I read the first third of this book carefully and then started to skip because I simply don t need this much information But for anyone who wants or needs to know chapter and verse on the characters involved, and the way it all stacks up it is invaluable.I have read several books on the drug wars including the remarkable Dark Alliance by Mark Webb and Amexica by Ed Vuillamy This book however, being written by a Mexican has far detail in the Mexican experience than they do especially in showing how by the mid 1980s the drug business was being run by the drug cartels but in equal partnership and with the total protection and connivance of the Mexican government.Hernandez also gives chapter and verse of how the cartels received a massive shot in the arm, to say the least, from the CIA, acting illegally, against the instructions of Congress but with encouragement from President Reagan Reagan ensured the cartels were given carte blanche to export drugs to the USA in return for them supplying arms to the Contras so that they could fight political parties like the Sandanistas which Reagan viewed as Communist.She also gives an account of John Kerry s report into the Contra affair, which implicated the CIA and which, although she doesn t say this, was obstructed in every way possible by the American establishment and then ignored by the press when it was finally published.I have never read such a profound and detailed study of corruption in government as this book The author, who I heard speak not long ago when her book was published, is to be congratulated. Extremely interesting book Have been looking forward to reading it. This was a present and the person is very happy with it Great book came on time as promised The Product Of Five Years Of Investigative Reporting, The Subject Of Intense National Controversy, And The Source Of Death Threats That Forced The National Human Rights Commission To Assign Two Full Time Bodyguards To Anabel Hern Ndez, The Lords Of El Narco Has Been A Publishing And Political Sensation In MexicoThe Definitive History And Anatomy Of The Drug Cartels And The War On Drugs That Has Cost Than , Lives In Just Five Years, The Book Explains In Riveting Detail How Mexico Became A Base For The Mega Cartels Of Latin America And One Of The Most Violent Places On The Planet Hern Ndez Reveals The Complicity Of Mexicos Government And Business Elite At Every Turn, She Names Names, Not Just The Narcos And Their Immediate Accomplices, But Also The Politicians, Policemen, Functionaries, Judges And Entrepreneurs Who Have Collaborated With Them