[[ Download pdf ]] A Force Like No Other: The Next Shift: More Real Stories from the Ruc Men and Women Who Policed the TroublesAuthor Colin Breen – Entrecielos.co

In This Follow Up To His Bestselling A Force Like No Other, Colin Breen Brings Together Compelling Insider Stories From RUC Officers Who Served During The Troubles Includes Stories About The IRA Border Campaign , The Shankill Butchers Murders And The Remembrance Day Bombing In Enniskillen

8 thoughts on “A Force Like No Other: The Next Shift: More Real Stories from the Ruc Men and Women Who Policed the Troubles

  1. DB67 DB67 says:

    I know the author wasn t personally at each event but some of the facts dates and locations are not factually correct, but he obviously took them at face value A simple bit of googling research would have helped I can quote from 30 years experience in South Armagh and Belfast Region Otherwise, an interesting read, which, to those without the same knowledge, sounds glamorous It wasn t I read the first book, but this one wanders off the facts, at times I dont think I d bother with book 3, if it appeared.

  2. Roger Spence Roger Spence says:

    Astonishing readThis book grabs you by the lapels and pulls you through every emotion there is It s like being there, very moving, at times I shed the odd tear then suddenly you re laughing out loud at the black humour Well done Colin Breen another powerful book showing what it was like to police Northern Ireland in those dark days

  3. Olive Hudson Olive Hudson says:

    I received my copy of A Force Like no Other The next shift yesterday morning I started reading in the afternoon and could not stop Finished it today and just sat there lost in thought, what a powerful and emotional book that even managed to make me laugh out loud as well as shed a tear or two Thank you Colin Breen for getting these stories out there on the record for history I m not from a police family but grew up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles and found it a real eyeopener.Highly recommend

  4. David David says:

    A must read both 1 2.Incredible stories and experiences officers went through on a day to day basis no taking the uniform off and going home and being able to forget about work

  5. David David says:

    Another well presented compilation of events and occurrences which coloured the lives of RUC officers during their years serving the public while contending with a viscous conflict A reminder of the price paid by those few who kept the many safe.

  6. Liam Liam says:

    Only started reading it but a gripping read.

  7. patrick hannigan patrick hannigan says:

    Wonderfully written taking in the timeline of the three shifts of a day, compelling and very poignant on occasions A must read for history enthusiast, police types and anyone with an interest in humanity at its professional and personal best.Patrick H.


    A true collection of accounts, of many terrible incidents that these brave individuals have shared, and have to live with, for the rest of their days, for too many of their colleagues paid the ultimate price, so that you can have the luxury of reading this in safety.