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Loving oneself matters Our values and what we believe in matterIs it okay to love yourself unapologetically Self acceptance from an early age helps children grow up to be bold, confident and kind I Love Being Me, Uniquely Me features children of all ages from various cultures, who confidently embrace who they are and why they love being themselves I love being me and I think you ll agree, Someone sweeter than me you ll not findIf you search high and low, you surely will see,Just one me special, loving and kindYes it is okay to love yourself unapologetically Be proud to be YOU Don t try to fit in Stand out by being YOUDon t let social media and popular culture determine who our children are and what they should look like Be YOU Buy the book and get the eBook FREEFollow us on Instagram KarleneJFrolingAuthor

7 thoughts on “I Love Being Me, Uniquely Me!

  1. Rosa Rosa says:

    the title says it all, and I love this book the diversity and the characters and the poems in it they are all uniquely amazing the world we are living today self identification is very important for a child as it is for an adult.

  2. hometrainer-tests.de Customer hometrainer-tests.de Customer says:

    I bought it for a friend s daughter I think it s really lovely for building self confidence as well as other lessons young ones need to learn.

  3. nicole hitching nicole hitching says:

    This is such a wonderful book The illustrations are beautifully done showing all kinds of children from around the word, different ages and abilities I love reading this to my step son

  4. emmanuel emmanuel says:

    The Title alone caught my attention In today s society where our children are pressured on every side, this book reminds of how we should view ourselves.I love how real the book is, the culture it brings out and importantly, the lessons we should teach our children.Be unique and love yourself

  5. Alphonso Pollock Alphonso Pollock says:

    beautiful well told story

  6. Madly.Chatterjee Madly.Chatterjee says:

    There is such an important message in this book about self acceptance I highly recommend this book not only to parents but also to teachers who really need to spread this message to little ones It s not so easy for parents to find the right words when children start doubting about themselves or start comparing themselves with others, and this book is a great tool to make young children understand what makes them unique We can even see a character with the long term skin condition vitiligo and that made me really pleased because my mum has it and she had to go through a lot to accept it.

  7. hometrainer-tests.de Customer hometrainer-tests.de Customer says:

    I LOVE BEING ME, UNIQUELY ME , the latest picture book from Karlene J Froling, is a must read for all children In today s climate of increasing diversity, often accompanied by ceaseless bullying, we need to foster self esteem in kids now than ever Kids need praise, acceptance, and self love to give them confidence and faith that, by working hard, learning from mistakes, accepting others, and self love are the keys to achieving happiness and success in life.Years ago I was a pyschometrist and group leader at Washburn Child Guidance Center in Minneapolis, MN Common to most of our young clients were feelings of incompetence, worthlessness, and failure Our staff of psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors worked with children to help change their perceptions of themselves We used praise and positive affirmations rather than criticism and negativity, with good results Later, in the classroom, I used these same tactics with troubled students and often saw remarkable attitude changes in my K, I, 2, and grade 3 students Having books dealing with this, then, overlooked concept would have been most helpful Today we have such a book I LOVE BEING ME, written in engaging rhyme, is a must read for all parents and children Everyone needs a boost of confidence now and then and Froling s book cheerfully offers it Dianne Moritz, educator and picture book author.