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Following the success of The Alphabet with Bella, this book supports the learning of numbers from one to ten in a unique and colourful way Numbers with Bella is full of fun learning opportunities for small children

10 thoughts on “Numbers with Bella

  1. Brenton Marshall Brenton Marshall says:

    Lovely way to teach numbers

  2. Lushes Faith Lushes Faith says:

    LOve these books Hope there will be in the series

  3. carlito carlito says:

    need that balance

  4. Shardae Carr Shardae Carr says:

    My daughter LOVES this book Great cultural objects and illustrations

  5. Charleen Charleen says:

    My little daughter loves your books

  6. LC LC says:

    Absolutely love the illustrations It really engages my little one, making the learning fun

  7. Rebecca Weah Rebecca Weah says:

    Expected a bit from the book Prompt delivery

  8. Aneleh Aneleh says:

    Love this book, vibrant colourful book with great illustrations.

  9. JSkeezy JSkeezy says:

    My Daughter Loves It

  10. Linique L. Linique L. says:

    My daughter loves Bella She enjoys the illustrations in this book and wants to read it over and over again I love the exposure to culture she receives in this book