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Includes tales from Iceland, Sudan, Palestine, Lebanon, Tibet, amongst others This series contains volumes which include 20 to 30 tales, accompanied by an introduction and a historical overview which give readers insights into the culture, the folk literature, and the lives of the people in the region.

9 thoughts on “A Kayak Full of Ghosts: Eskimo Folk Tales (International Folk Tales)

  1. Tintenfisch Tintenfisch says:

    The Eskimo peoples live in an extreme environment It thus stands to reason that their tales will also be extreme, concerned with hunger, disease, cannibalism, madness Such subjects do, of course, make good copy the world over What is striking here, though, is the matter of fact way in which they are explored A woman marries a blowfly because shes fond of him other people get murdered for equally dead pan reasons Some of these stories are funny, in a twisted kind of way, others are magical, others are disturbing Theres quite a lot of sex and violence and excrement, so be warned What bothers me is not the subject matter but that the author has, by his own admission, altered these tales he hasnt simply recorded what he heard from the Eskimo storytellers One issue here is does an outsider have the right to tamper with other peoples stories If we concede that he might have such a right, the problem becomes which elements of the tale have been altered Which elements have been exaggerated trivialized bowdlerized edited out altogether And what impact does that have on how we hear the story and, by extension, perceive the culture There are no easy answers , and I acknowledge that Millman is not claiming to be an anthropologist, but I do think it needs to be pointed out.

  2. North North says:

    Read this after spending two weeks kayaking in Greenland It gives a good insight into the lives of the people who who lived there at the turn of the last century.

  3. DropBear DropBear says:

    I like the read and the stories though most are unsuitable for telling arond a fire with children present I get the sense that some of the translation is awkward , which has reduced my trust of how accurate these stories are and whether any subtler meaning or play on words has been missed but the author s foreword is very good and gives an example of the complexities of the language he worked with.

  4. Mr. M. J. James Mr. M. J. James says:

    Picked this up one evening in a hostel in East Greenland after hiking about in the hills It s completely mad and very entertaining I was so pleased to find it on It will bring back great memories of a great holiday.

  5. J from NY J from NY says:

    This collection of stories is one of the oddest I have ever encountered Ever.Lawrence Millman uses the mythology of Eskimos and the frozen arctic atmosphere to probe human taboos and make a parody of human fears but he does it with such a skillful syntax and understanding of the human imagination that it is impossible to turn away.These are basically horror stories without the conventional trappings One man slowly turns into an octopus like creature and strangles his progeny just to add to his own inner strength A mother who is a mythological monster drowns herself The average reader will find these offensive they are offensive in a deep, unremitting way But they are also art, or anti art Recommended.

  6. Shamalamastreetman Shamalamastreetman says:

    A great collection of unique tales from the north Some of the English could be better, but that s overcome by the excellent storytelling.

  7. Gerhard Neumeier Gerhard Neumeier says:

    as advertised

  8. Kristy N. Barber Kristy N. Barber says:

    I used also used this book for my college history class It was very entertaining, but be forwarned that there is a lot of graphic and suggestive language in the book

  9. invertedcharisma invertedcharisma says:

    My SO and I take turns reading stories out of this book to each other every night since we got it and we re usually laughing at the absurdity in no time at all We reference the sillier, memorable moments for the tales to each other and are already on the hunt for a similar book, as we ve had this two months now and are running out of stories Definitely get if you want to laugh with an SO or friend