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After the death of his grandfather, Charlie knows what it feels like to be lost and alone Or does he A puzzling letter leads Charlie down a shadowy staircase to the depths of the museum Before Charlie knows it, he is whisked through time, transported to Ancient Greece And nothing in this strange world is familiar Passing the Oracle s bizarre tests is Charlie s only chance to return home but can he untangle Plato s ideas and stay alive A stunning and unforgettable time travel adventure story that introduces the philosopher, Plato, to children agedPlato s Academy and the Eternal Key presents Plato s most famous writings including the Myth of the Cave, the Ideal City and the Elements in a unique way for children The story carries Plato s overarching beliefs in the immortality of the soul and the existence of an Eternal World A truly amazing novel for anyone looking for an exciting introduction to Plato and his ideas

13 thoughts on “Plato's Academy and the Eternal Key: Volume 1 (The Eternal Key Series)

  1. Pacific Magazines Miriam Condon Pacific Magazines Miriam Condon says:

    How many philosophy novels do you come across Not many at all, which is a shame because I love philosophy This is why I bought this book for my niece aged 10 and we ended up reading the novel together We sailed through the book which was a complete page turner.Charlie is a normal everyday kid, who is mourning the loss of his grandfather A simple task of returning a scroll to a museum turns into something quite different when Charlie is transported to Plato s Academy in Ancient Greece He meets with a dying Plato but discovers he needs a key to get home and so the quest begins Charlie and a warrior girl, Adonia, travel to Delphi to meet with the Oracle who knows where the key is but insists they complete three tests based on Plato s ideas to prove their identity Charlie and Adonia land in Plato s metaphor of the cave, and have to assemble the ideal city and then have a fight with his Elements to complete the quest I don t want to spoil the end but it was riveting reading I think my niece wants to be Adonia and I was totally transported A great story for anyone interested in Plato or philosophy, I hope this author releases another one soon Highly recommended.

  2. Sue Rana Sue Rana says:

    Who knew learning about Plato could be so much fun Definitely hit the target audience with the plot and tone Looking forward to in this series.

  3. Mrs Jodie L Lord Mrs Jodie L Lord says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Ali Gray s Plato s Academy and the Eternal Key.It portrayed beautiful relationships that we re worth endangering themselves for It was grippingly exciting, interesting and educational I found it fascinating stepping back in time to Ancient Greece and I now know a little about the philosopher Plato and I m intrigued to learn about him A writing achievement of balance, purpose, depth and adventure and a great introduction to philosophy A gem of a read for all ages Please write another book Ali

  4. Andrew P. Hurrell Andrew P. Hurrell says:

    My daughter devoured this book in a single sitting, sparking my own interest With a unique blend of fantasy, adventure and philosophy Plato s Academy is both thought provoking and entertaining, with some touching pathos added for a delightful mix A real treat for young readers and I m sure parents too will enjoy Ali Gray s very original first book.

  5. Gaz Gaz says:

    An easy read with some surprises in the plot For us perhaps the most refreshing thing was the introduction to Plato and philosophy for kids This is something new for kid s literature in Australia Consequently, it provides a creative entry for such a fundamental part of literature that we do not see in school curriculum.Exceeded our expectations.

  6. Edmundo Castro Edmundo Castro says:

    An innovative and effective approach to introducing Plato and Philosophy to pre early teens It does not pontificate, but instead encourages readers to relate to Charlie s and Adonia s adventures and learn key concepts along the way For the not so young, it offers a lighter, less abstract refresher on Philosophy.

  7. Tina Alsop Tina Alsop says:

    Great read for 10 year olds in my grade I enjoyed reading it and they enjoyed listening to it.Conversations after reading book were very science based which has been our inquiry unit this semester.

  8. Jennifer Blatchford Jennifer Blatchford says:

    A fabulous book on philosophy for pre teen aged children Ali has a great skill for explaining complex ideas in a way that is understandable by children and adults My son loved it his only complaint was that it wasn t long enough Looking forward to the next book.

  9. Christine Ho Christine Ho says:

    Using Charlie as a character that children can relate to, this opens them to thinking than skin deep My 9yo enjoyed the interesting characters, challenges Charlie faced and how puzzles were solved Looking forward to the next book

  10. josephine howard josephine howard says:

    A great read in simple format for young people and old which I hope will stimulate an interest in Plato and philosophy.Classical literature is not high on the curriculum list I hope there is to come from this author

  11. Jenny Cooper Jenny Cooper says:

    An enjoyable and easy read for the young and older reader The plot was fun and exciting with many twists and turns An excellent introduction to philosophy and we look forward to reading the next instalment of Charlie s adventures.

  12. Virginia Wozniak Virginia Wozniak says:

    I wish this wonderful story which subtly introduces the complex subject of philosopy had been around in my childhood I recommend all educators to make this publication available to their students Look forward to reading the next enlightening story.

  13. Beth Haskins Beth Haskins says:

    I loved It