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Once known, now largely forgotten, these empowering fairy tales have been brought together to inspire a new generation of readers Discover heroines who outwit giants, fight evil, awaken sleeping princes and, of course, live happily ever after With a foreword by Kate Pankhurst, author of Fantastically Great Women who Changed the World I love this book! I kept trying to get it from my local Usborne book lady but it was always sold out I got it for a better price and free shipping this way! I don't quite know how I feel about this book I am a father of two daughters and as you may expect, I'm trying to raise them to believe that they can do anything they want to in their lives, not to conform to gender stereotypes etc The idea of this book fits beautifully into that, but I'm just not sure about the book itself I sent for it with the idea that my eldest daughter (eight years old) would read it She's a voracious reader and reads books quite advanced for her age (Tom Fletcher, David Walliams, JK Rowling etc.) As such, this book actually seems a bit simple and below her level.I haven't given it to her yet (because she's been a little git today and doesn't really deserve a treatand she also has two other books on the go already), but I have read the first story myself, The Daring Princess.(Spoiler alert) The Daring Princess doesn't like sewing or acting as a princess should She's into adventuring, exploring, using tools etc Her parents don't really approve and she believes that soon she will have to toe the line One day she's exploring and discovers a house Inside the house is a oven from which she hears a noise Cautiously she discovers that a witch has trapped a prince inside the stove so using her tools she frees him Alas, the witch arrives, and takes the prince away, so she must follow I won't go into much detail as the story goes on (and on, and on) but it's a bit rinse, repeat She comes across some sort of obstacle, she overcomes it Another, she overcomes that too And again And again Each of these encounters doesn't add anything to the story except to feed the word count This would be okay if the story was written with any complexity or humour, but it isn't.The story does break gender stereotypes which is wonderful, but it just isn't that engaging I can imagine myself reading it to my younger daughter (four years old) as it seems much her level, but it's just very long so it's not really for a single sitting I think my older daughter might read one or two stories, but get bored and give up with the book.It's a nice idea for a book, and it is beautifully presented, and feels like very good quality, but it's just a bit dull Maybe try to borrow a copy before you commit to buying it. Returned this book I liked the idea of it but found these fairy stories stories somewhat tedious for reading with a four year old An older child might have staying power The title of the book drew me I love that the hero’s of the story’s are princess & they are the rescuers not the damsel in distress a great book for girls & boys I think It’s a great book to show little girls they can be anything not just pretty princesses Perfect.