[Ebook] The Finance Book: Understand the numbers even if you're not a finance professional By Stuart Warner – Entrecielos.co

I bought this book to help me with my MBA and with work.I m not someone who enjoys reading equations and finance, but this book is such an easy read and makes everything so simple.The writing is great and the layout is perfect.Highly recommend. The Finance Book Has Been Officially Shortlisted In The Practical Manager Category For The Management Book Of The Year Prize Which Has Just Been Announced By The Chartered Management Institute CMI And The British LibraryThe Finance Book Will Help You Think And Manage Like A Financial Strategist Written Specifically For Non Finance Professionals, It Will Give You All You Need To Know To Manage Your Business Effectively And Think Strategically It Will Help You To Have The Confidence To Read And Interpret Financial Statements Ask The Right Questions About Financial Performance Apply Important Financial Tools And Ratios Learn How To Think Financially And Make Better Strategic Financial DecisionsCovering Business Finance, Accounting Fundamentals, Budgeting, Profitability And Cash Management, You Ll Find The Tools You Need In Order To Make The Best Financial Decisions For Your BusinessEssential Reading For Any Non Finance Professional This Is An Easy To Read And Practical Guide To The World Of Finance Paul Herman, Group CEO, Bluebox Corporate Finance A Really Helpful, Well Organised And Easy To Understand Primer And Reference Book For Those Who Arent Accountants But Still Need To Understand The Accounts Roger Siddle, Chairman, Cordium Group A Great Book At Last, A Guide That Demystifies And Encourages Business Owners To Practically Understand Financial Matters A Must Read Gordon Vater CEO, RiiG Limited This book is perfect for people in a general management job and needing to sharpen up on their financial understanding It explains all the fundamentals in a clear and easy to understand way, using examples and highlighting what to look out for to enable decision making A great book that will live on my desk for easy reference. Bought this book out of curiosity to be honest, for someone who really isn t clued up it is quite informativeAnd easy to follow From my personal point of view it was a bit basic. Does as it says, gives a great overview of accountancy and is handy for reflecting back on in practice Clear and succinct the need to know nice to know optional detail divisions are useful for revision. I bought both Stuart Warner s previous books and had no hesitation in getting hold of The Finance Book as a complement to his Finance Made Easy and also his 25 Financial Ratios Stuart Warner has an unusual knack of making the language and techniques of financial management accessible to all levels of management There are so many finance and accounting books in the market that fail to do so This book stands apart from the rest the topics covered in this book are easy to follow, are right up to date and greatly enhance understanding The Finance Book really should be a required read for anyone who needs to brush up on commercial financial management or would benefit from a practical and interesting introduction to this key topic. Very digestible It s assisted me greatly in a new role at work I love the format must know, good to know, where to see each example in action etc I would by another copy should this one ever go walkabout.