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UK Bookkeeping And Accounting Basics For The Rest Of Us Unless You Re One Of Those Rare Numbers People, The Thought Of Accounting And Bookkeeping Probably Make Your Head Spin While These Pragmatic And Confusing Practices May Not Be Fun For The Rest Of Us, Mastering Them Is Absolutely Essential In Order To Run And Maintain A Successful Business Thankfully, Bookkeeping Accounting All In One For Dummies, UK Edition, Is Here To Take The Intimidation Out Of Crunching Numbers And Offers Easy To Follow, Step By Step Instruction On Keeping Your Business Finances In Order With Information Specific To A Business In The United Kingdom Written In Plain English And Packed With Loads Of Helpful Instruction, This Approachable And All Encompassing Guide Arms You With Everything You Need To Get Up And Running On All The Latest Accounting Practices And Bookkeeping Software Inside, You Ll Find Out How To Prepare Financial Statements, Balance Your Books, Keep The Tax Inspector Off Your Back, And So Much Gives You Access To Supplemental Online Samples Of Bookkeeping Forms, Accounting Templates, And Spreadsheets Includes Many Practical Bookkeeping And Accounting Exercises And Templates Simplifies Every Aspect Of Accounting And Record Keeping Shows You How To Run Your Business By The Books If You Re A Small Business Owner Or Employee Who Is Confused And Intimidated By Managing Your Accounts And Books, This Comprehensive Guide Empowers You To Take Charge Of Those Pesky Figures To Keep Your Business Afloat

8 thoughts on “Bookkeeping and Accounting All-in-One For Dummies - UK

  1. Hofdosh Hofdosh says:

    I setup my own company at the start of 2017 and purchased this book to help educate me about accounting.Starting from a point of absolutely no experience, this book quickly and simply helped me get a better understanding of the ins and outs of book keeping and accounting I ended up using the online software Xero which I would absolutely recommend for anyone starting up The knowledge in this book comes in handy understanding how to successfully book keepreally recommend for anyone of any level wanting to learn .

  2. Julia Julia says:

    This product arrived in perfect condition and is exactly what you need if you decide to study accounting AAT or bookkeeping It will give you a really good foundation to build your studies on

  3. jenny jones jenny jones says:

    I m currently studying AAT qualifications and was looking for a light read to assist my studies This book is amazing, it relays all the information I need in an informal way it s like an old friend telling you what s what Delivery came the next day I couldn t be happier and highly recommend

  4. Shane Shane says:

    I started self employment a while ago but now that I m faced with tax returns, I wish I d read this ages ago There s so much useful information But I m glad I m reading it now I recommend to anyone who s starting their self employment Read it now before it s too late

  5. Katie85 Katie85 says:

    I purchased this book because I had been given an acting up role at work to cover for my colleague in accounts who is currently on maternity leave and was suddenly faced with either things I had not done for several years in different companies or were completely new concepts I was taught HOW to do the new things but I wanted to know WHY things had to be done in a certain way Hence the decision to do some homework.Firstly, this book had way than what I needed, but it s far better to have too much than not enough I also found that some of my new jobs are accounts based and other jobs are bookkeeping based so was definitely worth investing in the all in one version The book is comprehensive and gives clear diagrams and examples so concepts become easier to understand Each chapter has have a go questions to test your knowledge It is the UK edition, so whilst it covers things like VAT and minimum wage, it is worth noting that legislation changes overtime the minimum wage figures quoted in the book are a few years out of date , so this book will need to be used in conjunction with other materials if you are a small business owner, accounts manager or sole bookkeeper at your workplace.I wasn t sure how I felt about the book to start with, as I found book 1 to be slightly overwhelming, it is almost a summary of what to expect in the following books which will then explain things in detail However I did find that through reading further into the book that the first section did make sense on a second attempt I was particularly impressed by the fact that it recognised that retail service manufacturing companies are all different and do need to do certain processes like cost pricing differently Of course, I have only really read my area in detail, but it is good to know the rest for future reference.Overall, I have found it to be a good source of information and it has been helping me in my current role the managing director has noted that I seem confident in my work and I think a part of that is down to the book as I am now understanding why I am doing things instead of doing these tasks on autopilot It has also made me consider doing an AAT qualification in the future, so I defintely recommend it as a starting guide.

  6. swimboy swimboy says:

    Comprehensive than I needed and clear the bits I needed were very informative and understandable

  7. Cromulent Cromulent says:

    This book is an excellent introduction to accounting for people who do not have much experience in the subject I bought this book, so I would have some knowledge of accounting before starting my own business I found it answered most of my basic questions about accounting and also some of the slightly advanced problems.In short If you need to learn the basics of accounting, then this is the book to get.

  8. mary t. mary t. says:

    Too American, would rather have the choice of How the English or Irish do their accounts.