Prime The Best Small Business Accounts Book (Blue Version): For a non-VAT Registered Small Business By Peter Hingston –

I work as a bookkeeper and brought this as a gift for one of my small business clients who is an electrician, and whom did not want to use a computer cloud based package to record his financial accounts.It was a book that my husband used when he first started as a plumber and when I showed it to my client he loved the simple hands on way that the information can be recorded.The front of the book has some handy information on how to keep your financial records, and details on how to record the data in the book. This Is A New Edition Of A Best Selling Book Recommended By The BBC Video Accounting For The Terrified It S A Cash Book To Write In All Your Business Sales, Bankings And Expenses For One Year, Thus Helping You To Complete Your Annual UK Tax Return The Book Has A Monthly Layout And There Are Simple Instructions To Help You Put Your Figures In The Right Boxes At The Back Of The Book, Essential End Of Year Tasks Are Also Explained This Blue Version Is For Non VAT Registered Small Businesses, And Is Ideal For Builders, Consultants, Craftworkers, Designers, Engineers, Freelancers, Hauliers, Internet Traders, Kennels Catteries, Landscapers, Mail Order, Manufacturers, Motor Mechanics, Photographers, Plant Nurseries, Tradespeople, Trainers And Most Similar Businesses The Book Includes Instructions For People Who May Be New To Book Keeping, But It Is Not A Manual On Accounting Or Tax Note There Is Also A Weekly Layout Book Called The Yellow Version For Non VAT Small Businesses With Multi Sale Cash Type Transactions This book is perfect I am self employed and deliver maintenance to buildings for private and commercial users keep track of all your spend Keep track of all your income Keep track of all those little its only a fiver buys that add up to 500 at month end Shows what you need at a glance Still in my first year and still working this all out Took this to my accountant and hes looking to charge 300 to complete my self assessment for me Was expecting much This helps get all the junk out of your head and on to paper Get it and try it, if you don t like it then don t worry, it s tax deductible So it wont cost your pocket kind of Thanks for the product, I sat and copied the whole format onto an excel spreadsheet and can now update online via my one drive This does not need wifi, power, a bag or any kind of hassle A pen and a place behind the sun visor Get on with the job. I am a sole trader and have actively sought out this book on as it was no longer supplied by a high street shop I have used it for the last 4 years to keep track of my accounts ready to submit to my accountant each year I cannot recommend it enough For a complete novice business owner it has been an invaluable tool giving clear and easy to use format ensuring that I record all the relevant information I needed to supply. thank you for my yellow book which arrived today i use it for my self employed business as a maintenance gardener will buy from you always as you are always a reliable company for products you would like Very good book, does everything I need, been using them for the past 10 years. Not good if you are a small business that takes card payments The way card payments are processed into your bank acount makes its hard to tally up with the book It s exactly as described, the best all business accounts book My husband has on repeat order every year for his gardening Business.It s the best