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Ladybird s First Favourite Tales are fun, gentle introductions to classic fairy tales, suitable for reading to the youngest of children Packed with rhythm and rhyme, these abridged tales are great to share together again and againNow, for the first time, all eighteen classic titles in the First Favourite Tales series are available in one audio CD collection Perfect for use either at home or in the car, each individual track features a fun, rhythmic fairy tale retelling plus beautiful, specially composed music and sound effects to help bring it alive A wonderful first introduction to the best loved fairy tales, created especially for very young childrenThe fulldisc collection includes CD Alice in WonderlandThe Three Billy Goats GruffCinderellaChicken LickenGoldilocksThe Elves and the ShoemakerPuss in BootsThe Three Little PigsJack and the BeanstalkCD The Enormous TurnipHansel and GretalThe Gingerbread ManThe Little Red HenLittle Red Riding HoodThe Magic Porridge PotSly Fox and Red HenThe Ugly DucklingThe Wizard of Oz Approximate running timehours

7 thoughts on “Ladybird First Favourite Tales: The Complete Audio Collection (Ladybird Audio Tales)

  1. Unhappy mummy Unhappy mummy says:

    My daughter likes to fall asleep to a story cd and unfortunately the difference in sound level between the stories and the musical interludes is too great The music is too loud, when the story is at the right listening level, and wakes her up Obviously if your not using at bedtime its great but just thought this might be useful information if your little one likes a listen at bedtime x

  2. HoolieMoolie HoolieMoolie says:

    The stories are cute and read nicely but the jingles that signals the end of 1 story and another beggining is insanely annoying And just when you think your kid is asleep it pings on really loudly and their little eyes ping open Crazy

  3. Mrs Michelle J Soan Mrs Michelle J Soan says:

    This is a lovely set of stories but the CDs all jump, despite cleaning them, cleaning the CD player We play other CDs regularly that work fine The first time we put each Of the 5 CDs in they have jumped and have continued to do so ever since Unfortunately I have missed the return window as I ordered them well in advance for my son s birthday so we didn t play them immediately It s a real shame as they are lovely stories.

  4. Mrs. J. Woods Mrs. J. Woods says:

    Again arrived on time and well packaged I find these audio stories are great for bedtime as the children relax and wind down quickly The sound effects are very good as it brings the story alive I have already recommended to friends and family Will be buying in the near future.

  5. TY TY says:

    Brought these after a recommendation from a friend I just found my 5 year old just would not settle and stay in bed after 3 stories, numerous visits to the toilet and oh I want a drink, anything to draw bedtime out even further These are great and you can have upto 5 stories on one cd, I find sometimes they have fallen asleep by track 2

  6. pumpkin pumpkin says:

    A lovely collection of stories to delight children of varying ages Given to my granddaughter, aged 7, for Christmas and she is enjoying listening to them all on her new cd player.

  7. Miss S. Miss S. says:

    Does the job and provides all the classicsAnnoying narrator and boring toneJulia Donaldson CDs much better for entertainment but a good round up of classics although did not know the last little pig in three little pigs went out for turnips and apples